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Comment Re:Not really needed anymore. (Score 1) 410 410

Graduation rate rising does not mean more minority students with diplomas. If you cut the number of minority students in half, but increase the graduation rate by 50%, then you have 75% as many minority graduates. Though this does mean a more efficient use of university resources.

Comment Re:Customers may benefit... maybe (Score 1) 455 455

However, having that $8/hour job available does not guarantee it will "save" anybody by giving them job skills. Not every employee who gets that $8/hour job can use it to move up to a higher paying job. Having that $8/hour job be a $11/hour job that somebody can actually sustain themselves on is more useful for pulling people out of poverty. Otherwise you just have a lot more people starving on the $8/hour job.

Comment Re:Religiosity gene? (Score 1) 729 729

  1. 1. Either an event has a cause (determined), or doesn't have a cause (spontaneous)
  2. 2. A decision (like joining a religious group) is an event
  3. 3. Therefore all decisions are either determined by something else (a gene, a loss in the family), or are spontaneous (there was no choice, it just happened)


  1. 1. The past determines the present
  2. 2. You cannot change the past
  3. 3. You cannot change the present

I might have butchered the argument a little, but the basic premise stands. I'm a compatiblest though, so there is some free will, its just not some god given right.

Comment Re:Dude. (Score 1) 2166 2166

I kinda agree with the 3rd one. Palin is going to take the biggest political hit for all this, thanks to her casual use of gun references when dealing with opposition.

But really, this is simply a tragedy caused by one mentally unstable person, who was pointed at a congresswomen as the source of all problems.

Comment Re:Not just the boring basics (Score 1) 383 383

The introductory programming class at my HS last year was taught in VB6. When I took the class my teacher would spend class time reading "VB6 for Dummies". Some of our projects were 3 pages of just copying down code straight off a worksheet (and praying to $DEITY you don't get a typo). Overall I enjoyed the class, because VB6 is decent fun if you just want to make spasmatic games. Having to go back through the basics again in Java was a pain though.

Comment Re:no-harm no-foul (Score 1) 567 567

Except when a Traffic trailer needs to take one. I don't think anyone could navigate a round-a-bout in a tractor trailer.

Although, I would love to see most of the intersections in DC tore up and replaced with Round-a-Bouts. I hate the fact that you can get intersections which are practically 20 feet from each other.

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