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Comment: Given your stage.... (Score 1) 212

by biggerboy (#42923657) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: I Just Need... Marketing?

...your marketing needs will differ.

Sounds like you are still in product development and in need of really defining who your customers really are. (Actually, in an ideal world, you should know who your customers are before you build, but anyway). Some people call it Customer Development. Basically, you're in the area of defining the real product-market fit.

I know it sounds obvious, but I have many clients that aren't aware that their product doesn't fit the market and just think they need to hire PR people to "get more buzz."

Tech marketing is also different in many ways from traditional brand-focused marketing that consumer products have. Run screaming away from people who will focus on your brand and PR at this stage. What you need to focus on is your positioning, which includes understanding your differentiation, category and competitive situation.

Marketing is great at amplifying success. Hoping that outbound marketing will cover up flaws in strategy and product will always result in failure.

Comment: No, it's getting bigger (Score 1) 230

by biggerboy (#36959716) Attached to: Are We Seeing the End of Big Oil?

Big Oil is being replaced by Bigger Oil, namely the government-owned or -influenced entities like Gasprom/Rosneft/Lukoil/CNOOC/SINOPEC or other nationalized entities like Petróleos de Venezuela.

What we have now is a dreamworld compared to what's coming soon when nationalistic or patriotic tendencies mix in even more obviously than today.

Technology (Apple)

+ - Mac for gaming?

Submitted by Anonymous Coward
An anonymous reader writes "Is there really any way around buying a Mac pro for gaming if I already have a monitor? My current setup is run through a 32 inch LCD, and the only 2 options I see are a mac book pro starting at $1999 or a mac pro starting at $2499. Seeing the new state of Parallels is very tempting for gaming along the lines of Counter Strike:Source and other steam games. But is there simply any way around paying $2000+ for a system that can be done in the PC market for around $500?"

+ - Human diversity on the decline

Submitted by
jd writes "In a study covering five different periods of history, from 300 AD to the present day, and geographically spread across much of Europe, scientists have extracted the mitochondrial DNA from a sizable number of individuals in an effort to examine changes in diversity. The results, published in the Royal Society journal is intriguing to say the least. 1700 years ago, three out of every four individuals belonged to a different haplotype. In modern Europe, the number is only one in three. The researchers blame a combination of plague, selection of dominant lineages and culturally-inflicted distortions. The researchers say more work needs to be done, but are unclear if this involves archaeology or experiments involving skewing the data in the local female population."

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