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Comment Re:Double dipping (Score 1) 242

Look, kid, you clearly weren't around for the "cable TV is commercial-free" fraud that was perpetrated in the 80's. Cable subscribers are already paying for the content in their monthly bills. What we're seeing here is known as "double-dipping", and it's reaching it's inevitable conclusion: cable-cutting.
Shoving your smug nose into discussions in which you have no valuable experience (barring one-liners gleaned from the internet) only serves to aggravate those who actually have something meaningful to add. Good luck with that.

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Hackers target Vodafone customers in UK
The Sun Daily
LONDON: Hackers have accessed the personal details of nearly 2,000 customers of mobile phone company Vodafone in Britain, it announced Saturday. The firm, which has nearly 20 million customers in Britain, said that 1,827 accounts had been breached.
Vodafone says hackers broke into nearly 2000 customer accounts this weekTimes of India
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