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Comment: As an ASL Interpreter... (Score 4, Informative) 44

by bigattichouse (#42785911) Attached to: Designing a Practical UI For a Gesture-Based Interface

I interpreted ASL in educational settings (High School, Freelance, University, Public, and even elementary.) for something like 6 or 7 years.

My arms were ripped, and you could expect to burn several hundred calories (EASY) during a day of doing that. Also, I had learned the stretch properly thanks to some Aikido training.. and I still had some bad habits that caused me repetitive stress problems.

Gestures are a novelty, and a lot of work for the user... I think there will be many blind alleys before they become natural.

Some problems/ideas I see:
1. Exhaustion - you waste a lot of energy
2. "Namespaces" - you can make two gestures at once - geez... so you have a left hand gesture that tells the computer to listen (the ASL "Attention" one handed would work) + a command - maybe even "against" that hand. Its like a salute with your left hand vertical moving away from your face.
3. Facial expressions are a HUGE part of ASL, probably not even considered. "WH" questions get eyebrows scrunched, other queries eyebrows up, puffed cheeks and all kinds of things...
4. Security - I defy you to sign EXACTLY like someone else... It's possible, and easy in a mocking sense (High schoolers) - but I imagine a door that could see you carrying groceries and unlock combined with voice recog., or other simple things would be useful.

Comment: Re:Mah book writings ! (Score 1) 82

by bigattichouse (#42194613) Attached to: Scientists Race To Establish the First Links of a 'Quantum Internet'

My thought was timed reading... where you only read the next qubit at predefined intervals to check for state.. and what is definitely a gross misunderstanding of QE (but useful as narrativium) - writing a state to the next particle. so particles are read-write in order, and they slowly "tick away"... but the base set are linked into the network.. so you can buy any random batch of particles and they link back to some other endpoint.

Comment: Mah book writings ! (Score 1) 82

by bigattichouse (#42194571) Attached to: Scientists Race To Establish the First Links of a 'Quantum Internet'

Yay! QE is a major component of my scifi book's communications. Yes, it's a crappy book, but it is my crappy book... and you can read it online without DRM, blah blah blah.

Can't wait for animated breakfast bar wrappers! Or Capt. Skyking brand Starling!

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by bigattichouse (#40829875) Attached to: Half of India Without Electricity As Power Grid Crisis Deepens

I live in central Illinois, near a large number of windfarms. The week they cut the crops down, the wind blows hard until well after spring planting. It blows 99% of the rest of the year as well, those towers run all the time. It's rare to see them all stopped. In fact, that was my first thought (we should farming the wind) when we moved here.

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