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by Hadlock (#47713443) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

There's two sets of numbers, I'm using the lower set... fish ladders are only useful for going upstream, all sorts of crap gets sucked through the turbine and it's not like the fish can read a big flashing sign that says "FISH LADDER THIS WAY, TURBINE OF DEATH THAT WAY. SWIM TOWARDS THE SURFACE IF YOU WANT TO LIVE". Which is kind of counter-intuitive if you've ever seen an eagle pluck a fish out of the water with it's Talons.
Although if fish could read, that would be pretty cool.

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by Hadlock (#47710003) Attached to: Solar Plant Sets Birds On Fire As They Fly Overhead

Mortality rate of fish through the turbine is close to 10%
Except fish are slimy, scaly and make weird mouth shapes when you pull them out of the water to look at them. They look pretty awkward.
Birds on the other hand, are beautiful creatures flying through the air, truly, beautiful, feathered friends, God's own creations.
But if 3 birds die in a 3500 acre site per day, heaven help us all for destroying nature. I can go out in my back yard and shake the six to eight trees on my half-acre and watch at least four birds fly out.

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by Hadlock (#47704645) Attached to: New HP Laptop Would Mean Windows at Chromebook Prices

They're still incredibly useful... it's just that people stopped buying them because Intel stopped making Atom processors faster/more powerful to choke the life out of the 0% profit margin netbook segment... only to have them revived as "Chromebooks" and are again eating up Microsoft and Intel's bottom line. The only reason Netbooks aren't trendy is because Google wasn't a market disruptor when Wintel made the decision to stop updating Netbook hardware. Now Google is.

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by Hadlock (#47682153) Attached to: Switching Game Engines Halfway Through Development

Kerbal Space Program (a bleeding edge physics sandbox game built in Unity that includes orbital space travel) had unofficial 64 bit support back in... February '14? And now has official 64-bit support.
$500/developer is pretty cheap, did you buy the developers $250 Chromebook "workstations", too?
Anonymous poster slamming Unity and praising Unreal 4 right after the Unreal team announces huge cuts due to lack of engine uptake, and Unity flying high right now reeks of ad-placement.

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Yes, but now you have one, maybe two (hopefully super-smart) guys onsite with a deep systems knowledge, instead a fleet of screwdriver wielding guys with an A+ certification who are as likely as not to screw up your system. Once it's up and running you just have to keep that machine and it's backup going, and everyone can build on top of that in software, from anywhere in the world.

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Did they retain any of the technology/staff, or did they just buy the toxic OCZ brand? With failure rates for the entire brand above 5%, and approaching seventeen (17%) percent I wouldn't use an OCZ branded SSD at any cost. Imagine debugging a system with a failing drive, and then the labor required to RMA, replace, replace again, and finally buy a quality drive. Screw that.

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by Dixie_Flatline (#47663073) Attached to: Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White

Diversity has its own rewards, particularly when the goal of your company is to provide the best experience, not just to provide some fungible good. (That is, oil from one well is just as good as oil from another--and who gets that oil out of the ground is irrelevant.)

Apple makes products for humans. All humans have different experiences. To provide the best experience to customers, you want the broadest appeal possible, and for that you need the broadest input possible. You need to pare those inputs down into something concise and usable, but good ideas come from anywhere and anyone, and it's not the sort of thing that's immediately quantifiable. My female colleagues are just as capable of coming up with good ideas as I am, and they'll come up with different good ideas based on their own unique perspective on the world.

In design and science, you want to avoid echo chambers as much as possible. Affluent white male is a particular kind of echo chamber. If the company were all black women, that would be a different kind of echo chamber that would probably also have issues. (I'd like to see what that came up with, though, for the sake of variety.) This is also why I'm a big fan of interdisciplinary science, where you see physicists crossing over with biologists, or artists working with mathematicians.

The issues start a lot earlier than the hiring process, so you're right: people need to be encouraged to join in early on. We need to impress on women and minorities that it doesn't have to be an old boys club, that they can also excel in the fields, and that when they get hired, they'll have a safe, friendly environment to work in. I don't know that we're succeeding particularly well at any of those things. (That said, I don't think schooling in NA is succeeding at much of anything any more. The system is anachronistic and organised for a different era.)

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by Dixie_Flatline (#47662875) Attached to: Apple's Diversity Numbers: 70% Male, 55% White this a real comment? Like, am I missing a hidden sarcasm tag somewhere?

Women are discriminated against. That takes a lot of different forms: lower pay, lower hiring rates, more workplace harassment. As it happens, taller, whiter men also tend to make MORE money than their shorter, fatter, more coloured counterparts. This isn't because they do better work necessarily, and their cost isn't the consideration--this is just discrimination at work.

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Actually, the actual news is, "we made our phone not look at all different...from other phones".

Seriously, Samsung needs to stop spending so much on advertising and buy a design team. Sony and HTC have their own (very nice) looks, I think. I'm an iPhone user, and this new Samsung looks like a bigger version of my iPhone 4.

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