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Comment: Re:What do people want (Score 2) 155

Those are numbers based on a keynote speech and are full of assumptions. Pretty much each number comes with a "assumed" or "suggests." Anywhere you have seen real numbers and not ones made up based on somethine steve jobs said in a keynote? Not to be rude or anything but Steve Jobs has basically been caught on more than one occasion of, how should we say.... bending the truth.

Comment: Re:Who the hell uses web apps? (Score 1) 155

I used to use the YouTube one... I no longer have an iPhone... but the YouTube web app was actually better than the built in YouTube app in my opinion. Also, as far as I know, WebApps aren't the only use of the embeded WebUI thingy... you use that in actual apps the get browser functionality. If you haven't noticed HTML in any of your apps you aren't looking very hard.

Comment: Re:First to Invent (Score 1) 187

by bigNuns (#34353280) Attached to: Tandberg Attempts To Patent Open Source Code

If you had a nickle for every person in the US you would only have between 15 and 16 million dollars. Bill Gates is worth quite a bit more than that. Even if everyone in the US asked you multiple time you still wouldn't be all that close to being as rich as Bill gates. Even if they all gave you a dollar... twice... uhm yeah... still pretty far away. Bill Gates has a lot of money.

Comment: Re:...And one generation behind on HTML5 (Score 1) 341

by bigNuns (#33294150) Attached to: Firefox 4 Will Be One Generation Ahead

"Would some of us like to see it more popular than, say, Flash to serve up video?"

Read what you are responding to. They don't say flash is the codec used, they say that flash is what is used to serve up the video content. What they are saying is embed and object tags containing flash files, which may or may not contain H.264 encoded video, are used to deliver the video content instead of a straight video tag. Firefox can handle this just fine. While youtube briefly attempted to switch to the straight video tag they have gone back to serving up their videos in flash files. If the world were using the video tag to serve up video, then, and only then, would Firefox have an issue with not being able to render H.264 encoded videos.

"To suggest it's the most adopted is wishful thinking."

Is absolutely correct. Please notice, again the word codec is not in this statement. They are simply stating that the internet at large is serving its video files with flash, not with html5 video tags.

Comment: Re:I don't like ads BUT (Score 1) 260

by bigNuns (#32538928) Attached to: Apple iAd Drawing Antitrust Scrutiny

That is an odd comparison, saying you can't run an ad network on the PS3 or Wii. A better comparison would be saying that Sony or Nintendo prevent you from using whatever ad network you want in the games you sell for their platform. As far as I know, they do not prevent such a thing. That is why the iPhone is being singled out here.

Comment: Re:Two senses of "closed." (Score 1) 850

by bigNuns (#32120614) Attached to: Flash Is Not a Right

But... they didn't tell you first... they released the iphone... people went out and bought the iphone... developers started building applications for the iphone... then adobe decided to make something that allowed you to convert flash apps to said iphone OS... THEN apple said no you can't do that. It isn't just adobe either... there are other development platforms affected here.

What if I bought an iphone JUST so I could build apps in Mono for it? Now I cant? How is that okay again? How does that fit into your over simplified logic of what is happening here?

I really don't care either way, I have no intention of building apps for the iphone ever, but your point isn't insightful it is inaccurate.

Comment: Re:Random health care thoughts (Score 1) 2044

by bigNuns (#31541952) Attached to: Health Care Reform

Tort reform isn't the problem, there are several comments above about it... Texas tried that, has it made their health insurance any cheaper? No. Has it helped Joe Consumer pay his medical expenses? No.

Having personally gone to doctors for open heart surgery I can actually answer your question. I went to Canada and had surgery there the second time because the heart surgeon in Toronto was better than the heart surgeon in Buffalo. So, yes, I'd be okay with going to a cheaper doctor as long as they were good at what they do. How many times have sports teams payed WAY too much for a star player only to see they got a mediocre player instead? That happens more often than not, no? Sure, some star players are totally worth the money they are paid (to their teams) but many are not. Basically, the amount of money someone makes in no way determines how good at their job they actually are, it just shows that they are interested in making lots of money. Would you rather have a doctor who wants to make a lot of money or one who gets excited about his job? Is windows better than linux because it costs more? Certainly since they are able to charge more money for it it must be better right?

I don't think people are mad that doctors are making lots of money, I think people are mad that insurance companies are making lots of money. Why are we paying a private companies to make money off our health problems? That to me seems stupid.

Still, this bill sucks and does very little to actually improve the system here. In fact, I think it is probably going to make things worse for a lot of people. The upper class will continue to get good coverage as they have always gotten and the middle class will have to feel the burden of helping out the poor. I do think we should help out the poor, but I think the insurance companies should not be private companies. I don't think our tax money should be fed to the private insurance companies to help the poor afford their overpriced service. I think they should be forced to provide service at a reasonable price instead but this bill does little to nothing to make that actually happen.

"We don't care. We don't have to. We're the Phone Company."