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Hospital Confirms Steve Jobs's Liver Transplant 402

Posted by kdawson
from the so-just-say-so-already dept.
CNet is reporting that the hospital where Apple's CEO reportedly got a liver transplant two months ago has now confirmed the truth of these reports. "Steve Jobs underwent his liver transplant about two months ago at Methodist University Hospital in Memphis, the hospital confirmed Tuesday. Jobs, who returned to work Apple's campus in Cupertino, Calif., on Monday after a six-month medical leave, 'is now recovering well and has an excellent prognosis,' according to a statement by Dr. James D. Eason, the program director of the Methodist University Hospital Transplant Institute. ... While Eason said the confirmation was being provided with Jobs's approval, he cited patient confidentially in saying that he could not reveal any further information on the specifics of Jobs's surgery."

+ - XP Pirates, Microsoft is watching you->

Submitted by Slatterz
Slatterz writes: Have you ever sat back and thought to yourself "Self — why doesn't Microsoft accuse me of being a thief more often?". You're probably thinking that this is a thought pattern that's never crossed your mind, but according to Microsoft, apparently, you're wrong. Anti-piracy features present in Windows Vista will, from today, be brought to the Windows XP Pro platform, but not XP Home, as XP Pro is apparently the most pirated version of Windows. Strangely enough, when Microsoft was launching Windows XP, they claimed that is was the most secure, least able to be pirated version ever. Funny what seven years can do.
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Science Daily: The Hygiene Hypothesis: Are Cleanlier Lifestyles Causing More Allergies For Kids->

From feed by sdfeed
A little dirt never hurt. But in today's super-clean world, vaccinations, anti-bacterial soaps, and airtight doors and windows are keeping dirt and disease-causing germs at bay. While staying germ-free can prevent the spread of disease and infections, leading a cleanlier lifestyle may be responsible for an increase in allergies among children.
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+ - Is Apple supporting the hack of the iPhone?->

Submitted by
Ilan Neisse
Ilan Neisse writes: "A young teenager was able to hack the iphone after 500 hours of work. He was able to unlock the iphone for users not to be bound to the AT&T service provider only. He then published a step by step tutorial for users to unlock their iphone. This amazing story should be expected to raise legal and moral questions but no one is doing anything.... Is Apple really against the free publicity this event provides for its new product?"
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