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Submission Let's Protest A Nightmare on Elm Street->

bhtooefr writes: "I've posted a blog entry suggesting that the best way to stop the MPAA and RIAA is to protest high-profile movie releases and concerts. So, why not get started? Let's organize a protest of the release of A Nightmare on Elm Street. April 30 is when it'll be released — far enough away that I think we can organize something. Get it into the public's mind that the MPAA wants to violate their rights, point them at a site to explain this in detail, and get our message out there. Maybe we can chip away at the MPAA and RIAA directly, this way."
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Submission Oracle Charging For Solaris Patches, Info-> 1

bhtooefr writes: "It looks like Oracle's already making changes for the worse at Sun. Dennis Clarke posted on OpenSolaris's discussion list, claiming that Oracle is planning on requiring a support contract for any patches for Solaris, including security patches. Oracle has silently posted a document that appears to state that change in policy regarding patches. (Previously, non-security patches could be manually downloaded for free without a support contract, and security patches could be automatically updated for free.) In addition, Clarke claims that access to SunSolve, which contains documentation on Solaris patches and Sun hardware, will soon be restricted to those with an active support contract."
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