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Comment Re:Human soceity not ready for this (Score 1) 370

I think you have misunderstood the meaning of the word sentience. Sentience is the capacity to feel not the capacity to reason. Your position that "Animals will never progress to sentience" is not a widely held belief. It is generally accepted that animals can feel and can suffer and are therefor sentient. For example: 'In 1997 the concept of animal sentience was written into the basic law of the European Union. The legally-binding protocol annexed to the Treaty of Amsterdam recognizes that animals are "sentient beings", and requires the EU and its member states to "pay full regard to the welfare requirements of animals".'

Comment Show us the terrorists they've caught (Score 1) 509

I can come up with a better way of catching terrorists than the one they are currently employing. Do nothing. It will catch you just as many terrorists. What has been the benefit to the citizens of the USA for all the money that has been spent and all the privacy we have lost. Show me the terrorists. Show me the plots that have been foiled. Seems to me like all this money has been spent to prevent hypothetical terrorists. Or in other words to defend against an enemy that does not exist. The current system that costs so much and invades so much isn't catching terrorists either.

Comment Re:Human soceity not ready for this (Score 1) 370

What about humans who have developmental disabilities that prevent them from ever mentally progressing from the level of an infant? We still consider these beings to be persons even though we are confident they are not ever going have the mental capabilities of a human adult. And yet we don't consider them to be responsible in the way we consider adults responsible. I think a case can be made that there are chimps that have greater cognitive abilities that some developmentally disabled humans.

Comment Re:Human soceity not ready for this (Score 2) 370

Consider that we provide children a special status in our society. We consider children to be persons and afford them rights as such. Yet we do not hold them accountable for murder in the same way we do for human adults. Giving a chimp the status person does not mean we have to give them the same rights as human adults.

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