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Comment: Big Brother wishes to remind us all... (Score 1) 210

by bhmcintosh (#37978978) Attached to: FEMA, FCC Hope To Forestall Panic Over National Emergency Alert

... not to succumb to a "War of The Worlds" effect. If this had been an actual emergency, the terrorists would already have turned Poughkeepsie into a mushroom-cloud-covered obsidian lake bed. Everybody take deep breaths, think calming thoughts, and you can all go back to calling Snooki a skank after it's over with. Or so the voices in my head want me to assure you.

End of line.

@!#%$@%^@&& NO CARRIER

Comment: Re:Results how? (Score 1) 575

by bhmcintosh (#37978892) Attached to: EU Scientists Working On Laser To Rip a Hole In Spacetime

"It wouldn't be so much tearing a hole in the fabric of space as making a ripple."

Ah, so that earthquake that rocked Louisa County, Virginia a few weeks ago and knocked over some stuff at my mom's house in the DC 'burbs was a ripple from the laser firing, flowing backwards across time? Cool!

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