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Comment: Re:Unless it was part of a contract..... (Score 1) 375

No, that is a completely incorrect interpretation.

Anyone can publish photos taken in public places in a reasonable way (i.e. not using a ladder and a supertelephoto on a sidewalk). They can publish these images in any way, with or without editorial, in nearly any way... as long as it's not exploitative of a protected attribute.

Coca-Cola cannot take a picture of Michael Jordan having a soda at a public event on public property, slap the Coke logo on it, and make that into a marketing campaign. The National Enquirer cannot edit that image to show Michael molesting a child, then publish it. But any person can take the unaltered photo, put it on twitter, and say "Hey, check out this photo of Michael!"

Comment: Re:More hoops before travelling through USA (Score 1) 200

by bhiestand (#49687397) Attached to: Judge: Warrantless Airport Seizure of Laptop 'Cannot Be Justified'

Unfortunately, I pay taxes in the US, thereby providing material support to a terrorist organization

I hate to burst your bubble, but most definitions of "terrorism" explicitly exclude state actors.

You could certainly argue that that is an artificial constraint designed to protect states from the accusation, but then you'd have to come up with a better definition. There are a few out there, but in all honesty, they tend to suck.

Comment: Re:More hoops before travelling through USA (Score 2) 200

by bhiestand (#49687375) Attached to: Judge: Warrantless Airport Seizure of Laptop 'Cannot Be Justified'

Two points.

1) for spinning platters, being able to recover significant amounts of data after even one pass of zeros is a myth. See this article on recovering overwritten data or any of the top google results.

2) SSDs are different, but far easier to wipe if you get a good model. There is an ATA Secure Erase command, and you can use it directly with hdparm on linux. It takes seconds to wipe most SSDs this way.

However, firmware implementation of this is spotty. You will find some studies showing secure erase failures. But the paper is 4 years old, and manufacturers seem to have gotten better. So if you're REALLY concerned about this level of security, encrypt your SSDs and find a manufacturer that properly ATA Sanitize Block Erase.

Comment: Re:So? (Score 1) 162

by bhiestand (#49525447) Attached to: New PCIe SSDs Load Games, Apps As Fast As Old SATA Drives

You are saturating 10gbps Network Legs? I would love to see any part of that setup.

Its not that I don't believe you, it is that I would love to be able to do it.

Yup. Though I haven't seen a lot of need beyond that for workstations (i.e. they're saturating but willing to deal with it).

On the server/storage/SAN, side 10gig is kind of funny. At some places it's overkill and too expensive. At others, it's nowhere near enough.

Comment: Re:Never consumer ready (Score 1) 229

by bhiestand (#49457909) Attached to: 220TB Tapes Show Tape Storage Still Has a Long Future

But if the enterprise drive costs twice as much as a RED or some other lower grade drive, wouldn't I be better off buying two cheaper drives and putting them in a mirror?

Not if:
* an increased risk of data loss
* an increased risk of data unavailability
* a cost of $150/hr to get a tech on-site to replace drives
* you need to buy a larger/more expensive chassis
* you need to spend more on the controller to be able to compensate

This is really a moot point. If you're not clustering or otherwise building in tons of redundancy, you'll have higher availability and lower TCO buying from Dell/HP/whomever, and they'll bundle the right drives from the start.

If you are building a cluster, you're not going to take random advice from posters on Slashdot. Build out whatever you want, just know that SuperMicro has terrible support and warranties. Expect bad lots and don't forget to pay attention to firmware and settings.

Comment: Re:It's rape Jim, but not as we know it (Score 1) 225

by bhiestand (#49434125) Attached to: How Ubiquiti Networks Is Creatively Violating the GPL

Any chance you can link to some tests/reviews of their claims?

Not the AC, and too lazy to google this again, but I was going to post the same experience with ZH. They announced support for zero hand off when it was in ages, never got it working well, and seem to have given up on it.

The basic idea was "set all APs to use the same channels, then clients will just use the strongest signal". Of course, even after hours of research and trying to fix the configs, clients lost connection when physically walking around. And if they managed to find a spot where the signals were similar, they could get some really fun rapid switching between APs.

Comment: Re:What did he think was going to happen? (Score 1) 230

by bhiestand (#49408281) Attached to: 'Revenge Porn' Operator Gets 18 Years In Prison

Putting unauthorized porn of unwilling people on the internet, and then charging them money to remove it? What a scumbag. They're going to have a lot of fun with him in jail.

Nothing illegal about putting pictures of people on the internet. Absolutely 100% legal if they had been street photos. I didn't read this ruling, but I suspect he may not have been convicted if he hadn't charged for removal.

Comment: Re:SSDs are not intended for serious use. (Score 1) 204

by bhiestand (#49254533) Attached to: Endurance Experiment Kills Six SSDs Over 18 Months, 2.4 Petabytes

I've had some SSDs last for almost three years, but I would not trust them for important data. They are fine as a cache for speeding up OS access, or for a music player, but a magnetic hard drive is better for professional use.

You don't understand professional use. A professional would never, ever, ever trust a single device/system for important data. Not ZFS, not tape, not hard drives, not SSDs, not stone tablets.

Comment: Re:Yep it is a scam (Score 1) 667

by bhiestand (#48882007) Attached to: US Senate Set To Vote On Whether Climate Change Is a Hoax

But with global warming you don't necessarily get warmer weather. That's because "warming" is a misnomer. What's actually going on is the total amount of kinetic energy in the atmosphere is going up.

By definition, doesn't that mean it's actually not a misnomer? I mean, I know what you're saying, and I agree with you... but 'the global climate' is going to get warmer. There will be more thermal energy. So can't we find a word better than misnomer that means "technically true jargon that conflicts with the popular usage/misunderstanding of the term"?

Honest question. I think we need a word for that, and it bothers me that I can't think of one.

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