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Comment Re:Metamoderation (Score 1) 1832

Back when I was metamodding, I never worried about distinctions that didn't make a difference. If somebody gave a post a +1 Informative that didn't tell me anything new, I wouldn't say that it was a bad moderation if I found the post insightful or interesting; an upmod is an upmod. And, of course, the same went for downmods. However, if a post was given -1 Flamebait and nobody had responded to it (or at least, nobody took the bait) I'd give it a downcheck on general principles.

So YOU'RE the one who disagreed with my Flamebait mod for a post with no replies that said something like "Fuck you asshole!" ...

Comment Re:Not enough content (Score 1) 1832

That's a good point and something we will look at. Should we weight firehose voting more heavily so that highly voted stories make the front page regardless of an editor?

That would make me nervous. Is there already some sort of firehose widget that can show the top stories in firehose?

To address "helping people post quality front page material", there may be room for a stackoverflow-style editing system. Maybe allow high karma users with a good moderating history to make edits (attributed to the user)? Could work well with simple guidelines and something akin to metamoderation.

Or just get a few more trusted editors and have them actually edit.

Comment Re:RAID 0 is not for anything you don't want to lo (Score 1) 73

For RAID-5, the big issue is "lose a drive on a large-enough array and you could be looking at an unrecoverable read error during the array recovery".

This gets repeated a lot, but isn't a problem for any halfway decent RAID setup because they slowly read data from the drives in the background (called patrol read on LSI/Dell controllers). The chances of a problem with a drive not turning up in one of the numerous patrol reads yet happening during a recovery are astronomically small.

I'm not sure how you define "astronomically", but I've seen this more than a few times in my career. And it has become increasingly common with larger disks and larger arrays.

RAID 5 is decent for availability... but you'd better be able to restore from your backups. RAID 6 should be the default these days (though I prefer ZFS RAIDZ2 or RAIDZ3). And don't be one of those idiots who makes a 32-disk, 192 TB RAID5 (or 6 for that matter).

Comment Re: What a load of BS (Score 1) 572

Secretary Clinton has stated in at least one interview that when she asked her aides to strip the headings, she meant for them to send only the unclassified information. While something like that is suspicious, I'm sure that it was followed up on by the appropriate investigators, and the fact that no one has been indicted means that whatever was done in that instance was not enough to charge anyone.

Anyone who has ever handled classified information knows better. The sanitization process is not just "strip the headings and obviously classified stuff". You have to be much more thorough.

Consider the following:

(TS//SI//DONTFKNSHARE) __ indicates the DPRK is suffering severe famine and ___ is plotting a coup.

(U) ___ is widely believed second in line for the throne

(U) Korea has not had a serious coup attempt since the last widescale famine in...

A bit of a dramatization, but if anyone in the military or intelligence communities pulled this shit they would be rotting in prison.

Comment Re:What did anyone expect? (Score 2) 345

Hillary Clinton does not currently hold an office or position that would put her in possession of classified information. The idea that her answer was given to save face for being called on her previous bullshit is the most likely scenario.

I'd say she still has access to a lot of people who do have access to classified information, and she probably has advisors who had access very recently...

I wouldn't be so quick to rule out her having access to classified information.

Though her comment on this is reprehensible either way. Either she just leaked classified information to save face, or she is pretending to leak classified information to save face.

Comment Re:Password managers continue to be dumb (Score 1) 146

I also click on the lastpass icon to login... not sure how anyone could fake the login modal coming out of the extension like that. I'm guessing this doesn't apply to me because I'd hit cancel and go to my normal method.

How hard would it be for an attacker to disable LastPass and replace it with a pixel perfect look alike?

That is a good point. I suppose we are relying on Chrome's security to prevent an attacker from completely replacing the extension itself.

Obviously, mimicking its icon and dialog window would be easy enough.

Then again, if they can do that on my machine they can probably already read passwords from memory or keyboard input? So now I'm just relying on my 2FA

Comment Re:Password managers continue to be dumb (Score 2) 146

Either you can remember a lot of passwords or you can't. If you can't, just use the same password everywhere. It's as effective as using a "master" password.

Putting 2fa on the vault seems like a sane thing to do... Also it's fewer places that can leak your "master" password... Ie. only lastpass has your master password, so it's only if they get compromised that it is leaked.. .And they hopefully hash passwords properly... Can't say I believe every other random site hashes passwords correctly.

Also once the browser session is authenticated you shouldn't need to do lastpass again, right?... So you type your master password fewer times.

Honestly, I've been planning to move to password manageing system... like lastpass. It doesn't magically fix all attack vectors, but reduces a lot.

^ This. I have 2FA on my email and on lastpass. Email and LastPass both have separate passwords. I also have 2FA on the banks I care about. I also receive instant text/email about significant transactions.

Every site has its own, extremely complex unique password. Most of the sites I really care about also require email confirmation of any security-significant changes.

So to really do anything with my accounts, you need all of my lastpass passwords, my 2FA for email, my email password, and you have to do it in such a way that I won't notice (either receiving the email notifications or losing access to my email) before I can stop you.

I'll call this "good enough"

I also click on the lastpass icon to login... not sure how anyone could fake the login modal coming out of the extension like that. I'm guessing this doesn't apply to me because I'd hit cancel and go to my normal method.

Comment Re:good but.... (Score 1) 247

I have been very clear about my disdain for Hillary over the last decade. So don't lump me in with her supporters.

If forced to pick between her and Trump, I will swallow my pride and vote for her. Most of the left feels the same way (or they just won't vote). She's our Romney, and I am convinced Dems will lose if she is nominated.

I agree there are different kinds of lies. That's my problem with the current Republican candidates. Hillary lies to protect herself, but she at least shows respect for facts and thinks facts matter in political discourse.

Trump, in contrast, completely lies about just about everything. You don't think whipping up a populist frenzy over "immigrant rapists" is actually important?

Comment Re:good but.... (Score 1) 247

I hate to agree with the troll, but your whole "DNC Plantation" attack really undermines your credibility as someone who cares about racism.

But just to be clear, you're also lying like a dirty politician.

1) Bernie Sanders is not rich ($700k net worth). Marco Rubio has less ($100k last I saw).

2) "lying", that claim can also be fact-checked. Fact-checking consistently shows that Sanders and Clinton lie significantly less than the Republican candidates. Even if you exclude Trump from the GOP numbers.

I know, I know, facts are controlled by the Masons/Illuminati/Jew/Hollywood so you have to go with your gut instead of the facts, but the GOP candidates really are lying sacks of shit. Dems generally respect facts, though they can misrepresent them.

Comment Re: Why? (Score 1) 242

I hear this a lot... which makes me think there must be a ton of really competent, socially well-adjusted developers just dying to find a good job.

Then I have to conduct interviews. Maybe it's just HR sending bad candidates (at every company), but I consistently see very low quality candidates. You know the type, brags of their Python experience, yet has never heard "list comprehension", "generator", or anything that begins with "PEP". I find very few who can both code something as "complex" as fizzbuzz and explain their solution.

And yes, salaries are very competitive and my current company has great work-life balance.

Comment Re:So name them already (Score 1) 265

First, my response was intended to be more tongue in cheek than anything. I don't really care.

Second, "guys getting viruses from trying to view porn" is a stereotype even if it also happens to be a real life example. I think everyone who worked in IT in the 90s or 2000s knows that is a stereotype based on something that really happens.

My point is that you're countering one gender stereotype with another gender stereotype, which holds even if it's inadvertent or you also have an anecdote. You may as well have said "women aren't that bad of drivers, I have a bunch of Asian friends who are terrible".

All that said, it's hard to argue against stereotypes. Personal anecdotes have the same biases as stereotypes. I'd prefer multiple studies with large sample sizes.

Comment Re:Put a filter box in front of full firewall (Score 1) 265

I didn't RTFA, but if UTM9 is anything like Pfsense, it could be either. There's no reason you can't run a firewall in a type 2 hypervisor (e.g. Windows running VMware).

I've done this with Pfsense in a pinch. Also done it in ESXi (type 1) plenty often. Running the firewall in a VM on two different boxes is also a pretty cheap/easy way to get firewall HA.

Comment Re:So name them already (Score 1) 265

Because he is a sexist douchebag.

Women are not any worse than men when it comes to security and apps. At my (small) office, the opposite is true, it is always the guys getting viruses, usually from trying to check out porn.

I like how you used one gender stereotype to counter another gender stereotype.

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