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Comment Re:Back to One Man, One Vote (Score 1) 818

We need a return to the fairness doctrine. If a corporation wants to use public infrastructure to broadcast to the public, it should be required to also broadcast information that is in the public's best interest. (FWIW, I also think that cable networks, wireless networks, etc. should be classified as public infrastructure and companies that provide or use that infrastructure should be regulated as public utilities.)

Comment Re:Ok seriously though ... (Score 1) 367

Or are they thinking they will go it alone and continue to update their Linux distro/kernel just because it is open source? Do they really think they are qualified to do that? Or is the hope that they can spend money to keep the OS in long-term-support status?

That is not as hard as it sounds. There's already tons of mission critical in-house applications in banks, some of them probably quite a lot more complex than an OS with some drivers and an application on top of it...

Also, in the event their distro of choice goes EOL, they can swap it for a different one with relatively few problems.

Submission + - What's (Not) Hot in Google

bheerssen writes: I fired up feedly just now and discovered that Google has quietly removed its "What's Hot in Google" news feed, presumably in preparation for ending Google Reader on July 1st.

Comment Re:Really!? (Score 0) 231


2) Black Americans face far higher rates of poverty, therefore it is unsurprising that, on a per capita basis, they receive a higher proportion of welfare services.

3) That's just idiotic.

4) White American males are often cast as the poster boy for gun violence because, frankly, white males commit the vast majority of firearm related crimes. Most of the recent mass murderers have been white males.

5) The reverse is much more often true. Ex: Vidor, Texas.

6) While you know nothing about me, I can surmise a few things about you. You are a racist and a homophobe, otherwise known as a bigot. The term "white race" is used almost exclusively by white supremacists. The fear that the "white race" is facing genocide is a clear indicator of racism. The fact is, there is no "white race" or "black race" or "asian race". Humanity is made up of a wide variety of ethnicities that cannot be broken down by "race". Race is not even a valid term, biologically speaking.

For the record, I am a 43 year old white male. I have lived in majority black areas and majority hispanic areas, and I have seen first hand the barriers they face in achieving the so-called American dream.

Comment Re:Really!? (Score 3, Informative) 231

Being attacked is not the same as being persecuted. You have not been denied a loan on the sole basis that you are a white male. You have not been barred from staying in a hotel because you are a white male. You have not been told you can't marry your life partner because you are a strait white male. You have not been denied a job because you are a straight white male. You have not been denied a raise or paid less than others for the same work because you are a straight white male.

Because you are a straight white male, you get privileged over others. That is the exact opposite of persecution. You can deny that all you like, but it's true.

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