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Comment Re:How is this legal? (Score 1) 296

some of the features of our Site and our Service are intended to provide entertainment.

That sentence doesn't mean anything. All of the site is intended to provide entertainment, I'd imagine. Why else would you go to the site? But the entertainment being offered is talking to people who want to have hot, sticky affairs.

Their motto was not, "Life is short. Talk to a bot.".

Comment Re:e-book prices HAVE been too high. (Score 1) 97

Every publisher believes that the e-books don't really compete against one another in price because each one is unique. They aren't interchangeable...someone won't say "wow, I bet I can get this same book cheaper somewhere else..."

But they are wrong.

Exactly. People might not be able to buy that particular book for less money, but maybe they can find a book in the same genre for less money. The only reason someone would be set on one particular book is either a) it's an author they know and enjoy, or b) that particular book got great reviews or was recommended by a friend.

Comment Re:In case you were wondering, (Score 1) 623

That's just saying that an adult that causes a child to sin is condemned (presumably to Hell). It's not specifically about child molestation, and it doesn't really condemn doing anything to children (other than leading them to sin). If a person rapes a child, does the child sin? I can't see how.

Comment A Good Sign of Things To Come (Score 1) 623

Hopefully, this will lead to other countries, including the U.S., doing the same thing

I can't for the life of me figure out why I should give a rat's ass if two particular adults want to marry each other, as long as they're not biologically related. As Jefferson would say, it neither breaks my leg nor picks my pocket.

The people who should really be happy about this are the lawyers. More divorces and custody cases for them.

Comment Re:On the other hand... (Score -1) 557

He's the one who went there in the first place, though. And he certainly didn't come back to face the music once he realized Russia was the only country that would harbor him.

The difference between Snowden and an actual whistleblower is that whistleblowers are willing to face the consequences of their actions. The fact that people make Snowden and Assange out to be heroes makes me want to projectile vomit on them.

Comment Re: I'd say this solidly confirms... (Score 1) 482

I have no issue with ignorant people. Ignorance, in and of itself, doesn't hurt anyone else.

Besides, this isn't ignorance. When you're provided the information, and you still reject it in favor of your own fantasies, you've moved from ignorance to obstinacy.

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