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+ - Prom Week: A Game with Procedurally-Driven Narratives-> 1

Submitted by bgweber
bgweber writes: Prom Week is a new game developed by the Expressive Intelligence Studio at UC Santa Cruz which pushes the boundary of procedural narrative in games. The game uses an AI engine called Comme il Faut to drive the behaviors of characters in a high school interactive drama. It is free to play on facebook (with account). The team behind Prom Week includes the designer of Facade and the game has been nominated for the 2012 IGF award in technical excellence.
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Comment: Step 1 is Flawed (Score 1) 312

by bgweber (#36867518) Attached to: Can AI Games Create Super-Intelligent Humans?

The primary purpose of Game AI is to provide entertainment for players, not create the most realistic behavior. Developers are not focused on strong AI, but may be focused on creating tools for reusable AI.

A panel of leading Game AI developers provided an AI Rant this year at GDC and discuss where they see things going.

Comment: Homebrew Pioneer! (Score 1) 130

by bgweber (#33982588) Attached to: SD Adapter For Dreamcast Released

The dreamcast was the first system that really got me into the homebrew scene. During the days of locked down dev kits, running my own code on a console had a surreal appeal to it. The idea of an SD brings up nostalgic feelings, but its a bit too late. Alternatives such as XNA mean that I don't have to worry about such an archaic system in order to run code on a console!

Emulation (Games)

SD Adapter For Dreamcast Released 130

Posted by timothy
from the for-all-you-dreamers dept.
YokimaSun writes "The Dreamcast was the last console by Sega that had innovations that today's consoles have taken on board, i.e. broadband online gaming and innovative gaming controllers (such as the fishing controller). The console still lives on today, thanks to the support of the homebrew community that still churns out games and emulators and also the odd commercial release for the console by independent developers. Today the spark has been ignited by the fascinating release of an SD adapter for the Dreamcast that allows homebrew games to be played without the need to burn to disc. It's time to dust off those Dreamcast consoles and get back into free gaming. The same company have also released a Dreamcast modified with VGA support and a front-loading SD slot and its own BIOS. Awesome to relive some of those Dreamcast classics."

+ - Netsuite CEO says Microsoft cloud is “fake&r->

Submitted by sholto
sholto writes: This week Netsuite CEO Zac Nelson decided not to get involved in the tiff between Oracle CEO Larry Ellison and Salesforce CEO Mark Benioff over the definition of cloud computing. Instead in this blunt Q&A he divided IT vendors into real clouds and fake clouds.
Who is selling fake clouds? “Microsoft is famous for saying 'all our applications are in the cloud'. No they're not. They're their existing applications hosted someplace. That failed back in 1999 — how's it going to succeed in 2010?”

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+ - StarCraft AI Competition Results 2

Submitted by bgweber
bgweber writes: The StarCraft AI Competition [] announced last year has come to a conclusion []. The competition received 28 bot submissions from universities and teams all over the world. The winner of the competition was UC Berkeley's submission, which executed a novel mutalisk micromanagement strategy. During the conference, a man versus machine exhibition match was held between the top ranking bot and a former World Cyber Games competitor. While the expert player was capable of defeating the best bot, less experienced players were not as successful. Complete results, bot releases, and replays are available at the competition website [].

+ - French government may subsidize music downloads->

Submitted by
angry tapir
angry tapir writes: "The European Commission has approved a French program to subsidize legal music downloads for young people. The Carte Musique scheme gives €25 (US$35) to French residents aged 12 to 25 to spend on music downloads or subscription services. Young people can purchase a €50 card for just €25, with the balance paid by the state."
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