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Journal: For my stalker (and any amused bystanders.) 5

Journal by Arker

So, at some point, I really do not know exactly when but approximately two or three months back, I changed my default formatting on new posts here to 'code.'

Why did I do that? Because slashcode does not interpret 'plain text' as plain text, and I ran into that bug one too many times.

'Code' sucks less, so code it is.

Understand I tested all available posting options here and the only difference that I see between 'plain text' and 'code' is that 'code' behaves more like plain text. And that is all I am sending. Plain text.

Now, having posted like this for some time, just a few days ago I started noticing that I had attracted another special 'admirer'. Someone with mod points that has somehow developed enough of a fascination with me he will go back through my older posts and start passing out 'underrated's - I imagine most people reading this have had such a fan at one time or another and can sympathize.

Then my fan spoke up. In fact I think there might possibly even be two of them! (Sockpuppet routines in effect as well of course.) And he lets me know what he's mad about. And it's... the font of my posts?!?

Made no sense to me. I do not send any font information. I do not see any difference in fonts. Problem is on your end, doh.

Having gotten a little more information that initial evaluation has changed, but very little.

It appears that slashcode inserts a tag in posts when they are submitted as code. A tag which I would be happy to put on screen for you to see, except no matter what options I choose, slashcode is bloody broken and filters it out. Spell it out; less than, double tango, greater than.

Holy crap you people have time to break EVERYTHING to make an ugly beta but after 17 years you still cannot find the time to fix our text input!?!

That tag, like all font tags, is a presentation tag that never really belonged in html to begin with, but we will let that slide. It stands for 'teletype' and it does not specify a font, but suggests that a monospace font would be appropriate.

Well, as long as we are letting presentation slide, that's a damn fine tag. Nothing wrong with it at all. If your system has a bad choice set as the default for *LT-double-tango-GT* then don't bitch at me, go into your options and fix it!

After I started getting love letters over this, I started pulling up my posts in additional browsers out of curiousity. I normally use Firefox but I have a few others available for testing and odd-jobs. Some of them did show my posts in a different font from all the others, and you know what? In those browsers, my posts look better than those surrounding. Although actually the fonts just sucked all the way around, particularly in IE.

I spent 20 seconds correcting my settings and now everything looks great now no matter which browser I use.

So, in all seriousness, if you are one of the people stalking me because your browser settings suck... FIX YOUR SETTINGS.

And leave me be. Following me around posting off-topic flamebait about my supposed choice of font (when my actual choice of font does not affect you at all, your choice of font is at your command locally, and anyone that understands the internet at the crudest and most basic level could have told you that) serves no purpose and I am not going to continue to play into it.

Fix your browser. And quit whining.

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Journal: has slashdot lost it's sense of humor?

Journal by kesuki

today is april first, and while bing and google have jokes up, i haven't seen a single april fools on the main page. i realize in years past they have done nothing but april fools and that was unpopular but seriously not even a token link to google or bing?

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Journal: Weapons Grade Stupidity 14

Journal by RailGunner
Recently, an Anonymous Coward (but I have a couple of guesses as to who really wrote it) accused me of being racist because I am pro-life.

The AC's argument was: You say you want to ban abortion, but what you really want is to ban abortion except for the type that rich white people can afford, therefore, you're a racist.

The logical leaps in this argument are almost breathtaking in their stupidity. I'd be surprised, but I've had this account for probably a decade now and as such liberal stupidity is, quite frankly, nothing new.

Here's some pseudocode that explains my position on abortion:

bool MayHaveAnAbortion (Mother m)
if (m.LifeAtRisk() == true)
return true;
return false;

Please note, dear liberals, that in this example there is no consideration for race, socio-economic status, or any other victim groups that you like to place people in.

(Yes, I am aware that the method could simply be "return m.IsLifeAtRisk()" but let's face it, the liberals around here aren't smart enough to handle that and would only get confused.)

So to sum up: Yes, I am absolutely opposed to all forms of abortion for all women except in cases where the life of the mother is at risk.

Furthermore, the logical errors required to somehow twist that into calling me a racist are exceptional in their stupidity, and proves (yet again) the intellectual dishonesty of the "progressive" movement -- showing the "progressive" movement to be nothing more than a secular humanistic death cult.
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Journal: just watched "we're not broke" documentary and here are my thoughts on it. 1

Journal by kesuki

the main point of the movie is that companies are offshoring profits to avoid the 35% corporate tax rate, and that so called laws to get the money back in the usa don't create jobs but rather let companies reward the people at the top and cut jobs drastically.

companies including bailout companies from 2001-2011 have over 2.4 trillion dollars off shore. most of that money has 0% taxrate and can never return to the USA, except on 'tax holidays' which generally allow for as little as 5% tax rate. and it is all legal. sick it is so sick. republicans have forced through huge benefit cuts under the notion that america is broke. no americas tax laws are broken, and so are many other places including the uk.

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Journal: Beta, Part 2 2

Journal by RailGunner
You know... since I've written enterprise applications (singlehandedly, and no, I won't tell you which ones) that dwarf slashdot... I might be tempted to write a replacement, given how bad Beta is and how much people are complaining about it...

How would I do it? In the spirit of Open Source, I'd use PostgreSQL as a database backend, as MySQL or MariaDB is, in my humble opinion, inferior to PostgreSQL.

One reason is the syntax of PL-PGSQL vs. T-SQL. I hate T-SQL compared to PL-PGSQL (or just PL-SQL if I'm writing a Stored Proc for Oracle).

After that, I'd model the database to do what I want, and store what I want, and I'd ensure that the data was fully in 3rd Normal Form.

And if you bitch about joins, I'll hit you with a fucking sledgehammer.

After that, throwing up some PHP to format the page is an afterthought. The critical piece is getting the database right.

The database itself would need to be clustered to be able to scale with the load, and PostgreSQL does a pretty nice job of it.
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Journal: so i dived into bitcoin.... 1

Journal by kesuki

not really, i dived into dogecoin. but with my hardware i was able to mine 1,000 dogecoins a day which is worth $1.76 as of last refresh. roughly $50 a month with only the electric bill to pay its nice, but i decided the risk is worth investment. i don't quite trust 'asic' devices as the people making a scrypt based asic would almost certainly be making more profit mining new scrypt coins than selling asic for miners. at least until parts start going bad, then it's time to dump them on the market and let the buyers be jipped thinking they had a decent miner.
my current rigs do 170/khash but i just dropped $400 on a gpu that should do 600-800 khash on dogecoin the former is at my 2.2 days a total of 1700 dogecoins, which is as well as a 5ghash asic for bitcoin. mining bitcoin no longer makes sense(unless you have asic and are desperately trying to recoup your investment). oh and i get a nice free game to go with the new gpu. my power supply and motherboard are can do quad gpu, depending on how the initial gpu does i may buy a second and possibly a third. for legal reasons this is all part of my dad's small business. even though my computers are being run to do the work. as i am the only one with decent gpus. you may have heard of max coin so have i, but seeing the mining going on i'd say asic for maxcoin is highly likely. because math is hard and quality information on which exchanges to mine for maximum profit (they can all be converted once they are in your wallet) i am so far sticking with dogecoin.

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Journal: When Did 'Beta' Become A Dirty Word On /. ? 5

Journal by MonTemplar

Just spotted that people are stuffing comments into various stories here for the sole purpose of complaining about the /. Beta.

Maybe it's because I only occasionally visit here, but are people really that hung up on the current design?

Hell, I can remember when /. didn't even bother with any testing, period, just shoved changes straight onto the production servers. Fun times. (Not)

Having looked at the Beta, it seems to me a damn sight cleaner that some news sites I can think of*. Ok, the comment view controls could use some refining, but that's the whole point of beta-testing, right?

(*I still have nightmares about pre-2000s ZDNet. Makes the current design look almost pleasant by comparison.)

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Journal: Updates from Chez Timex 5

Journal by Timex

Things are going fairly well, I think.

I gave up playing WoW. I started playing SW:TOR, but found I didn't have time to play.

The only game I've been keeping up with lately is Second Life.

I've also been getting into Ingress lately. Does anyone else play? I like it because it gets me out of the house (even in these cold northeastern winter days) and I occasionally meet new people.

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Journal: A brief warning to the current anti-Slashdot beta movement 10

Journal by Captain Splendid

So I see Slashdot is heading towards another redesign, and there's a fair amount of folks fighting the good fight. While I wish you all the best in your current endeavor, I shan't participate or agitate.

Because the sad truth is, original flavour management already killed off this site almost ten years ago through sheer lack of giving a fuck, and Slashdot's first exodus happened, taking some of the best from this place. Worse, Taco and cronies decided that the best move after that was to spend too long slapping a coat of Web 2.0 all over the place, which had the net effect of getting rid of around half the people who had decided it stick it out. By the time Barry O. was inaugurated, the damage was well and truly done. The only people left were idiots, trolls and the precious few too lazy to jump ship.

So go ahead, flood FP stories with anti-beta comments, create alternative communities but remember: This is well-trod ground. Many before you have tried and failed. Moreover, there's nothing here left to save anyway.

Best of luck.

nohup rm -fr /&