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Comment Re:Emissions testing needs to be fool proof (Score 1, Troll) 100

Just get rid of the EPA. They've screwed up the diesel market and VW was hacking around it. The VW engines produce less nox per mile than a gasoline engine, but more per gallon, and the EPA is derp-tastically stuck on gallon which makes no sense to any rational being. Rather than price diesels out of the market, VW did the right thing for the environment and hacked around the EPA. Yeah, they got nabbed, but they didn't do anything wrong ethically, unless you favor regulatory compliance over the environment. As usual, the EPA causes more harm than good.

Comment Re:"Women don't like trash talk, be more sensitive (Score 0) 843

This isn't empowering women. This is arguing that they are weaker than men far more profoundly than any MRA red piller gamer gater misogynist could ever hope to accomplish.

Oh, I took it as her just being smarter than the average guy on LKML. "Fuck you people, I don't need your toxic ego-masterbating bullshit - I got other things I can do with my life."

More men on LKML could stand to be as self-aware, intolerant of bad behavior, and practice basic goodness.

Comment Re: Summary is flat out WRONG (Score 3, Interesting) 394

SCOTUS ruled against Dred Scott, Japanese Americans and all motorists too (/Sitz/). They're still wrong and defending illegal actions. Remember, the People hold the supreme power and give the government limited powers through the Constitution. That government may claim exceptions to those limits, but that's no different than a five-year-old claiming he has no bed time. It's only true if you let him get away with it. Where theory and practice diverge is when the five year old has no problem shooting you in the face to enable his My Little Pony marathon.

Comment Re:Won't buy from Motorola or Verizon again! (Score 1) 123

Easy, stop buying phones from them and only buy from

Has Google added any non-basic phones yet? I only have four requirements and I'd buy pretty much any phone that had them:
1) MicroSD slot (swap cards as needed)
2) removable battery (security)
3) unlocked bootloader (load useful software)
4) will activate on the VZW network (geography)

Everything else about the phones are common enough today that I don't even care. I haven't found a single one so far that passes this basic test. Prove me wrong, Slashmind.

Comment Re: Private property? (Score 2) 138

Right, the copier is prevented, with violent force if necessary, from doing what he wants with his *real* property, in sacrifice to the chase of possible profits derived from fictional propery rights.

But we expect judges to contort themselves to uphold laws, not to apply reason and philosophy to matters before them. Just don't look for any justice there and you won't find any surprises.

Comment Re:They knew what they were doing from day one (Score 0) 618

engineers that should have known better

You never know - the engineers might have been told, "look, these rules are stupid - our diesels put out fewer emissions than gasoline per mile driven and adding this cost will only keep more people on gasoline, so what you're doing here is actually the best thing for the environment." Which seems to be totally true in the real world - it's just that the US regulators are foolish, and made it illegal to operate them. But we have an EPA here that spends effort to pollute rivers, so nobody is actually surprised.

The corporate structure will keep any of the engineers from facing legal consequences, so only if abiding to regulations was their top concern might they have felt it was the wrong move.

Comment Are You an Asshole? (Score 1) 370

Live your life like you don't care what people know. And if you need to keep secrets your opsec better be perfect.

What did you do that this is such a problem? If you've been an asshole maybe you'll reconsider future behaviors. But tell us the grand story about how the forum mods and owners were unjustified.