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Comment Re:Missing the big picture (Score 1) 330

I don't see any geographic limit to the CNIL order. It just says "delisting must be carried out on all extensions of the search engine." There's no "in France" or "in the EU." Limiting to the EU or France may be the intent, but that doesn't seem to be how the order is worded.

Submission + - Burger-Flipping Robot->

beschra writes: Momentum Machines cofounder Alexandros Vardakostas told Xconomy his "device isn’t meant to make employees more efficient. It’s meant to completely obviate them." Indeed, marketing copy on the company's site reads that their automaton "does everything employees can do, except better."

He seems to be talking out of both sides of his mouth later in the article when he says that employers will be able to expand services and will hire more people but also says that customers will benefit from lower-cost burgers. It seems unlikely that hiring new people will result in lower prices for a machine-made burger.

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Comment Re:What are they waiting for? (Score 1) 144

You can't be serious. Fixing something after it's been done wrong is even more expensive than doing it right the first time. Take the current example of traffic signals. Physical access is a huge problem. How do you address that? Work out a new design and retrofit hardware and software. Not free. Not anywhere is that even approaching cheap.

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