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Comment Re:Figures (Score 1) 148

Clinton also had the most ridiculous economy in the last hundred years.

I'm not saying he doesn't deserve 'some' credit for not spending it all, but the surplus was more related to how fast the economy was growing than a cut-back in government spending.

Comment Re:1% vs 99% (Score 2) 451

its pretty much just that simple: those in power have a good hold on the religious right, which also co-opted the republican party in the last few decades. those people are TOTALLY brainwashed. their religious leanings are an open-channel or pipeline so that faux 'news' can shove pieces of bullshit down their throats.

The democratic party does the same shit with welfare babies and 'government assistance' for every stupid thing you can imagine. When I see how poorly every government-run program behaves, I can't imagine why anyone would want to give these idiots more power/money.

Quit trying to make your point by talking down to someone, it makes you look stupid, angry and sour. I honestly believe both parties are equally shitty.

I wish more people realized that. Both parties suck beyond belief.

Comment Re:Interesting (Score 1) 1797

Would this include forgiveness of all current student loan debt from federal loans?

It's interesting because the first thing that jumped into my head was, wow, tuition would have to come down immediately in order for anyone to afford going to school. Then I realized Universities wouldn't want a drop in revenue, so admission rates would likely go up...thus helping two-fold for increasing higher education.

Honestly, now that I think about it, sooo many people receive federal student loans, the Universities are absolutely using this as a crutch to get more and more money...

I might be in favor of this idea...

Comment Re:Don't Be Evil? That's just a lie (Score 1) 417

Ok, so for you, GMail wasn't suspended. But someone might desperately need Picasa for work, or access to Google Docs.

Point is, maybe they didn't suspend GMail this time, but this is a pretty big issue.

If your account goes into violation, you should have 96 hours to PREVENT things from being shut down. To shut it down immediately, and without warning, is just plain wrong/evil.

And your argument is that they didn't suspend GMail this time. But this is a very bad precedent. Blocking Gmail would probably hurt the majority of people the most. So it's only a matter of time until it's on the chopping block for whatever they consider a 'serious' violation.

Comment Re:I read the article (Score 1) 523

Keep blasting Apple...They are the sole reason for this smartphone/touchpad revolution, whether you want to admit that or not. Apple spawned more 'creation' than a decade with WinMo/Symbian/BB (and don't get me started on tablet PCs)

To be accurate, Android is simply an iOS clone. iPad are absolutely for Creators and Innovators.

Comment Re:Problem (Score 2) 297

off topic. I said anthropology of pre-civilized behavior.

Rich people always get what they want. If I was Bill Gates, I'd probably have 4 wives myself. But that doesn't mean the women are genuinely OK with it. They stay that way because of my ridiculous power/money influence over them.

I'm sure it happened back in caveman days too, but don't tell me the other cavewoman didn't feel betrayed, ashamed, embarrassed, etc. It isn't all religion like you guys are trying to make it seem. There is more biology to it.

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