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Comment very good (Score 1) 253

Srsly very good article. I'm always thinking about moving to USA becuase of these guys. Srsly the rest of the world lives in the stone age. Literaly. (Why the fuck I fuck around in EU, fuck knows....)

Comment Re:Problem of perception? (Score 1) 375

Oh dude, you don't get the problem. Currently my IDE eats up 10Megs and it currently compiles. File manager is eating up 14Mb. Age of Connan patcher 150Mb. Firefox with only 5 tabs 201Mb (ROFL wtf?). I'm planing open at least 1 more Photoshop and a 3DSMax instance. Get this, you don't necessery need to allocate all availabale memory. It could be used by other applications.

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