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Comment Re:Headline leaves out one very important detail (Score 1) 217

Over 225,000 Apple Accounts Compromised Via jailbroken iOS Malware

One extra word.. easy peasy.

Or maybe:

Malware on jailbroken iOS devices. Over 225,000 Apple accounts compromised.

Two extra words.. still easy peasy.

Other slashdot headlines are just as long so it can't possibly be about "too long for a submission headline".

It's really not very hard to be concise and accurate in a headline.. if one is really interested.

Comment Re:Instead of building thin bendable phones... (Score 1) 152

1) I keep track of the battery remaining percentage. When I get too low (say 20%) I plug the pack into my phone and put them both in my pocket.

2) It's more convenient for a numer of reasons:

a) I don't have to turn off my phone to charge up like I would with changing a battery. I keep runnign as if nothing has changed.
b) I don't have to open my phone up and expose it to the elements. I had a friend on a really filthy, muddy film set in the middle of winter try to replace his battery. He ended up dropping the back of the phone and the dead battery into the mud. Pain in the ass. All I have to do is plug in a cable.
b.5) if I have a protective case on my phone, replacing the battery becomes even more of a hassle.
c) I can keep using the battery pack for days on end without needing to charge it up. Better than having to carry around and make sure to keep charged 4 or 5 or 6 extra batteries.

Comment Re:Instead of building thin bendable phones... (Score 1) 152


Most days I end up with 30-60% of my battery life left on my iPhone 6. The only time I have to plug my phone in during an average work day is if I forgot to charge it over night (maybe once or twice a month)

I personally prefer thin and light (something which affects every usage of my phone) to longer battery life (something with affects a small percentage of my usage).

When I want *really* long battery life (eg. when I spend 14 - 18 hours on a film set in the middle of nowhere and am using the radios in my phone heavily for communication) I just carry a small power pack with me. It will charge up my phone while it's in my pocket -- much better than having to turn off my phone and fumble with it while I pull out the internal battery and swap in a fresh one. My battery pack can charge my phone 6 times before it needs to be charged itself. Never even have to turn the phone off.

Comment Order of operations is important (Score 5, Insightful) 78

It looks like the attacking app needs to be run before the attacked apps have had a chance to put their own entries in keychain.

From their videos they run their "malware" first, setup an empty keychain entry for whatever it is they'd like the password for (eg. iCloud or facebook through chrome). Then they run the app in question which fills in the password into the earlier created keychain entry. Since the malware is the one who created the keychain entry, it has access to the password.

Definitely a vulnerability. But the attack window seems smallish. But, of course, that varies with a user's activities. If they setup their icloud when they installed (or first logged in) or before they did anything else then it looks like the malware can't do anything. But it still leaves a pretty big window.

I'm guessing that the "fix" would be for there to be no way to share passwords among apps.. or for an app to be allowed to specify that "this password is for me and me alone.. nobody else can have access to it". Non-trivial changes, I'm sure.

Definitely an ugly one.

Comment Re:oh good (Score 2) 147

You mean like the power button on my iMac?

Or the power button on my Mac Pro?

Or the power button on my Mac Mini?

Or the power button on my iPad?

Or the power button on my iPhone?

Or maybe the power button on my Macbook Pro?

Maybe you were talking about the fan in my iMac...

Or the fan in my Macbook pro..

Or my Mac Mini

Or my Mac Pro.

Now.. admittedly there's no fan in my Apple TV or my iPad or my iphone.. so if you want a phone with a cooling fan in it you're going to have to look elsewhere. I'm sure someone has a product that lines up with your wants and needs.

Comment Re:I really don't understand smart watches... (Score 1) 415

You only need the phone for communications (eg. reading messages and emails on the watch). if you're just doing fitness tracking stuff you don't need the phone. It doesn't, however have GPS so if you want to actually track position like that then you'd need the phone. But if you just want to monitor steps and heart rate and such then you can leave the phone at home. You can also store music directly on the watch and listen with a bluetooth headset.

Comment Re:Wait, what? (Score 2) 305

The purpose of a computer -- as opposed to some other tool -- is that it has the flexibility (by being programmed) to do many different things, including things conceived of by nobody but the user. A computer that can't be programmed is fundamentally not fit for purpose. Apple is selling devices that they have intentionally broken.

So that's the *purpose* of every single computer you own? Bully for you. That is not the purpose of every single computer *I* own. And I guarantee you it's not the purpose of every single computer most people own. What's more your statement is false on its face. iPads, etc *can* be programmed -- by anyone with the skill and tools to do so. You just need specific hardware and software and services in order to do so. Just because you're not willing to tool up for the task doesn't make it Apple's problem. It's your problem and nobody else's. I'm sure there are many tasks I can't make my iPad do even with all the effort and knowledge in the world.. but hey.. I can't make my car fly like and aeroplane either. That's life.

Comment Fine on iPhone 5 and iPad Air (Score 4, Informative) 504

I've got it on an iPhone 5 and an iPad Air and both work very smoothly. Haven't had any OS crashes or glitches (a couple apps are a bit more crashy but I hope an update from them will fix that) and speed and battery life don't seem to have had any reduction.

So far the things that make iOS 8 really attractive (handoff, continuity, new document picker) are waiting for either Yosemite or updated apps so I wait patiently but am satisfied with the upgrade as far as it goes

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