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Comment Re:Why does it have to 'ozone' or 'climate change' (Score 2) 174

You are wrong. CFCs are chemically stable, non-toxic and non-flammable. There only so many permutations possible in chemistry, and CFCs are truly a wonder of chemistry. Alternatives are only partially up to be replacements, and are more than often corrosive, toxic, unstable.

You are correct on the facts.

Banning CFCs was at best a big mistake, if not outright a crime. It is inevitable that CFCs prohibition is ended at some point, because it simply makes no sense at all.

You are totally wrong on the conclusions. Long term destruction of the ozone would have been a disaster.


Surfing Robot Tracks Great White Sharks 12

ackthpt writes "A network of fixed buoys and solar powered surfing robots called Wave Gliders are set to track Great White Sharks in the Pacific, off the California coast near San Francisco, between Monterey Bay and Tomales Point. According to PhysOrg, 'The self-propelled wave and solar-powered glider is part of a new network of data receivers on fixed buoys will pick up signals from acoustic tags on animals passing within 1,000 feet and transmit the data to a research team on shore, led by Stanford University Marine Sciences Prof. Barbara Block.' Related to the project is 'Shark Net,' a new iOS app 'available free of charge at the Apple app store, created by Dr. Block and her colleagues with developers from TOPP, EarthNC and Gaia GPS to enable a direct, personal connection between the public and wild marine animals and to raise public awareness of the ocean wilderness teeming with life just off North America's West Coast.'"

Comment Re:C'mon (Score 2) 288

Tillerson blamed a public that is "illiterate" in science and math, a "lazy" press

The irony is the majority of people who are *literate* in science and math (including, what, about 95% of climate scientists?) agree that global warming is real and we need to do something about it. It's the scientifically illiterate who keep trying to claim (with their scientifically illiterate arguments, of course) that it's all a big conspiracy with no scientific support...

Ignore all the stupid people, they don't understand it. Also, ignore all the smart people. Just listen to me, I'm the only one you can trust.

Comment Re:C'mon (Score 2) 288

Yes, its true that many people are illiterate in math and science. But most of them are aware of the limits of their understanding.

For the past 20 years corporates like Exxon have been trashing the scientists who actually are quite knowledgeable about science, match, climatalogy, etc. They've been undermining public education efforts. They've demeaning any scientist who speaks out as 'greedy', while raking in record profits.

If the public is misinformed about climate change, its largely Exxon's fault.

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