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Submission Nokia Developers' Forum Hacked

benwiggy writes: Nokia has been sending out emails to users of its developer forum, informing them that it has been compromised by an SQL injection.

[i]"During our ongoing investigation of the incident we have discovered that a database table containing developer forum members' email addresses has been accessed, by exploiting a vulnerability in the bulletin board software that allowed an SQL Injection attack. Initially we believed that only a small number of these forum member records had been accessed, but further investigation has identified that the number is significantly larger.

The database table records includes members’ email addresses and, for fewer than 7% who chose to include them in their public profile, either birth dates, homepage URL or usernames for AIM, ICQ, MSN, Skype or Yahoo. However, they do not contain sensitive information such as passwords or credit card details and so we do not believe the security of forum members’ accounts is at risk."[/i]

The developer forum has been taken offline for the time being. I guess it's lucky no one is developing for Nokia these days!

Comment Surely the rebirth of booting? (Score 2) 557

If boot times are getting, quicker, then surely this means booting is easier and more likely to be done? This seems like the opposite of "the death of booting".

Frankly, the new technologies that allow me to boot up my computer and resume my work where I left off in a matter of seconds make it much more likely that I will turn my computer off when I'm not using it.

I've never understood the machismo behind "345 days without rebooting". Unless you're a mission-critical server.

I pay the electric bill, so if I'm not using it, it gets switched off.

Comment Why does encryption never work? (Score 0) 208

Can someone explain the incongruity between these two statements:

"Don't worry, your data is encrypted with 256-bit RSA."
"Computer experts have cracked the encryption."

So why doesn't the fantastic mathematically complex encyption ever work? Why should I trust https? Or any other encrypted transmission?

Comment CPU, not RAM (Score 1) 401

I disagree: always go for the faster CPU, and don't worry about RAM.

I usually find that a faster CPU equates to a computer that is useful for a longer period of time before becoming unable to cope with up-to-date apps and OSes.

You can buy more RAM at any point in the machine's life and install it yourself, but that isn't always possible with a CPU.

The golden rule is: don't get a machine that is "just good enough for now": buy some "future" too. Also, don't be an early adopter.

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