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Comment: Re:Glad to see it... (Score 1) 64

by benramsey (#11539163) Attached to: PHP Security Consortium Launched
With Plone, you can see what is possible...with Zope. With Zope, you can see what is possible with Python.

The problem here is that Plone is not a language; it is a CMS. And Zope is not a langauge; it is a framework that happens to be written in the language Python. Python otherwise shares the same problem as PHP: when you start a new project, you either have to find some existing code or reinvent the wheel. Zope minimizes this by providing a framework in which you can work and find a lot of the code you already need -- the wheel is already there.

There are many, many PHP frameworks out there that try to fill this need. The trouble is that there isn't a single PHP framework that has achieved the same level of notoriety as Zope. However, more and more people are using PEAR [] as a framework, and the beauty of PEAR is that you don't have to use the entire framework in one installation; you can pick and choose.

So, people in the PHP community are working to solve the wheel reinventing problem; it's just that many people either don't know about it or don't want to learn to use the existing frameworks.

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