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Plagiarizing Wikipedia For Profit 223

An anonymous reader sends word of a dustup involving the publisher John Wiley and Sons and Wikipedia. Two pages from a Wiley book, Black Gold: The New Frontier in Oil for Investors, consist of a verbatim copy from the English Wikipedia article on the Khobar Towers bombing. This is the publisher that touched off a fair use brouhaha earlier this year when they threatened to sue a blogger who had reproduced a chart and a table (fully attributed) from one of their journals.

Submission Wal-Mart's Terrible Nintendo Wii Knock-Offs.-> 3

MaryAlan writes: Wal-Mart is now selling an electronic LCD game in the kid's section that resembles a Wiimote so closely that even Wal-Mart employees can't tell them apart in a picture. But the games — made by ToyQuest out of L.A. — are complete and utter crap, to the point of being unplayable. Their only redeeming feature is that they look like the Nintendo Wii, which means Wal-Mart is relying on brand confusion to sell any of these things to unsuspecting customers. Click here to take a look at side-by-side pictures with a true Wiimote, down to the fake speaker on the front. It'd be laughable if it were not nearly so obvious, and didn't imply that Wal-Mart thinks people are idiots to be ripped off.
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New AT&T Acquires BellSouth 406

spune writes "Only months after SBC's acquisition of AT&T last November, the newly rechristened telecom has announced that it plans to buy fellow Baby Bell BellSouth Inc, of Atlanta, Georgia for $67 billion. This action by AT&T will consolidate more than half of the original Bell System into a single entity, leaving only Verizon and Qwest as remaining Bell family competitors. Analysts predict this deal will be approved by the FCC with only minor restrictions on the new company, which will serve residences and businesses from California to Florida."
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Journal Journal: We're all falling 1

There is something humanity must realize. When we were born we were thrown off of a cliff. All our lives we are falling. There is a rock that falls with us. This rock I will refer to as The Game. This is the game in which we constantly try to go up in society, improve, etc. When we are falling we constantly hold on to the rock. We think its going to stop us from falling but its falling too. What we need to do is let go of the rock and fly free. This is the key to happiness.

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Journal Journal: Free Mumia!

Philadelphia, 1978: Mayor and ex-police Chief Frank Rizzo explodes at a press conference, condemning what he calls "the new breed" of journalists: "They [the people] believe what you write and what you say," he said, "and it's got to stop. One day--and I hope it's in my career--you're going to have to be held responsible and accountable for what you do." This new breed of journalists was attacked for doing exactly what good journalists should do: acting as watchdogs over the people in power

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Journal Journal: Why war is still a bad idea

Ok, so we won. Did anyone ever have any doubt in this? So why is the admin making such a big deal about it. I would argue that because we won so easily (and yes one death is bad but lets be honest it was easy) this proves the antiwar movement's point. If he was so easily defeated he could not have been much of a threat now could he. If he did have WMD and used them we could easily have taken him out. OK, so now the "they are a threat" excuse is out the window. Lets move on to the WMD them

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