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Comment Re:Tried it already. It kind of flopped. (Score 1) 459

I wouldn't say most people eat meat. Current stats vary a bit due to how you define vegetarian but its somewhere between 20 and 50% of the entire world eat a vegetarian diet.

It might be a cultural difference in the meaning of the words, but here "missing out" implies a desire or intention to do something that never occurred.
i.e. missing out on something is considered an unhappy event to the person missing out which isn't relevant here since vegetarians don't want to eat meat.

Comment Re:Tried it already. It kind of flopped. (Score 2) 459

The brain interprets happiness/enjoyment as quite relative to previous life experiences. It's not a static relationship.

Whenever you try something new and find it's the "best thing ever" the brain recalibrates, and your previous "best thing ever" loses a little of it's enjoyment.

It's the same with enjoying food, the amount of enjoyment a vegetarian gets from their favorite vegetarian food is the same as a omnivore gets from their favorite meat-based food.
With the possible exception of someone who has just 'given up' meat, since they have the memory of enjoying things the can't have any more.

Comment Re:Olive oil? (Score 2, Informative) 165

It's a complete myth that olive oil has a smoke point too low to fry with.

The smoke point of oils varies by oil type and by how refined it is
Here's some examples of oils people use for deep frying.
  - Canola oil 190 - 204C (375 - 475F)
  - Sunflower oil 107 - 232C (225 - 450F)
  - Peanut oil 232C (450F)
  - Tallow 215C (420F)

And here is olive oils..
- Extra virgin olive oil 191C (375F)
- Extra light olive oil 242C (468F)

Normally you deep fry stuff around 175C (350F) which is fine for all types of olive oil.
It's best to use light olive oil if you're deep frying in a saucepan rather than
a proper deep fryer because you have less temp control on a saucepan and light olive gives
you more leeway.

As far as starting a fire goes, It's more risky to deep fry using canola or sunflower oil rather than olive.
The main reasons not to deep fry with olive is
- It's expensive
- It can sometimes leave an aftertaste on the food.

It is however much healthyer

Comment Re:Sugar (Score 0) 926


If the body is supplied with all the carbs it could ever want then it doesn't need to burn fat. After many many years of this (depending on the person) the bodies ability to burn fat starts to suffer (Basically the body gets lazy and stops burning fat as well as it should). Burning fat is required to keep your body weight correct so with that system not working properly the body ends up storing more fat than it's burning.
Result = People get fat
Solution = Eat less carbs and eat more good fats

Also, what most people consider begin "Hungry" is just a sugar craving, hunger is a slight pain in the stomach area and not.. "mmm.... want food"

Comment Make a tester up (Score 1) 532

You could build a small tester using one of the ultra small arduino boards.
Maybe a coin cell, switch and phototransistor plus some leds for output.

Code it to show on the LEDs what the pulsing light frequency is.
Under 100Hz, 200Hz, 1000Hz etc.

Then if you see a product you like you can easily check what the PWM frequency is before you buy it.
Remember to do the check with the brightness set to min. Max brightness is often 100% duty and will have zero flicker.

Comment Re:Not a bad idea, but... (Score 1) 306

It would be a good thing to keep people from clicking on this sort of thing by accident ("accident?")

I'm not too sure about that part.
Consider a world where child porn exists but is totally hidden from everyone else's eyes.
If people don't know that something is going on, or how prevalent it is, then they're less likely to take or support any action to stop it.

Don't get me wrong, i not saying everyone should be exposed to CP, all i'm saying is that hiding it away may make the problem worse.

Comment Re:Betamax, here we come... (Score 5, Interesting) 171

USB3 has charging standards which allow for much more power.
I don't think any manufactures have added support for it yet though.

Profile 1 - 5V @ 2A
Profile 2 - 5V @ 2A or 12V@1.5A
Profile 3 - 5V @ 2A or 12V@3A
Profile 4 - 20V@3A
Profile 5 - 12V or 20V at 5A (100W).

I believe the idea around profile 5 is so laptops can drop the custom power connector and use a USB3 port instead.
It makes things interesting if all laptop USB ports support all power profiles. You could charge one laptop from another and even make a figurative 'energy black hole' by looping the charge back again with another cable.

Comment Re:Answer (Score 5, Insightful) 767

There is an important difference between
- People who have no motivation and don't want to be a programmer so never find out if they're any good at it.
- People who believe they're not smart enough to do programming.
- People who don't not have the mental capacity necessary to follow logic.

I reckon if you took a random sample of say 1000 people and put them through a decent 2 year programming course with the legit promise of 1 million dollars at the end if they pass you would find a pretty large percentage of them would be able to code reasonably by the end and get the money.
After they got the money however, most of them would go back to their normal jobs since they wouldn't actually enjoy or want to do computer program as a career.

Comment Re:Voyager (Score 1) 634

Yeah, i totally agree.

Start with Voyager and see what their response is. It's the easiest to watch for non-treks and doesn't seem horribly old fashioned like TOS and TNG do.

The problem is that you can divide what people enjoy about a show/series into many different categories. Hardcore fans tend to require them to be perfect, or at least even, in all categories. The general public only care about one or two of the categories (random distribution) and couldn't care less if the others are crap.

Comment Re:Interesting technology (Score 1) 601

Also, in a country where a new game costs about the fourth of minimum wage (which is not enough to live on anyway), people are not going to simply become paying customers.

They will be if the price drops to what they consider reasonable.

And that's the point, a better marketing approach is needed.

If it can be expressed digitally then it costs next to nothing to copy it. So no matter how much money they get from someone, even 10cents, they are making a profit on the sale.

Comment Re:Vegan mums today. (Score 1) 487

Yes, care must be taken with everything in life. I fail to see any reason to repeat this fact in every conversation. I don't really want to live in a world where everything includes a reference to 'the need to being careful' while doing things. Its a given that we should be careful and do things the right way.

Comment Re:Vegan mums today. (Score 1) 487

They are, in part, funded by food companies.

...including Abbott Nutrition, CoroWise, General Mills, Kellogg's, Mars, McNeil Nutritionals, Pepsico, SOYJOY, Truvia and Unilever. In addition, the ADA lists Aramark, The CocaCola Company, The National Dairy Council and the Hershey Center for Health and Nutrition as partners.

Yeah, that's true, but its only around 10% of their funding. I think their reasoning for doing it are acceptable, considering the degree of funding.

It’s important for ADA to be at the same table with food companies because of the positive influence that we can have on them. For ADA, relationships with outside organizations are not about promoting companies’ products; they are about creating nutrition messages that people can understand and act upon to improve their health and that of their families.

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