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by benjfowler (#47929605) Attached to: ISIS Bans Math and Social Studies For Children

Then explain how white colonies in Africa became rich after settling with nothing but the clothes on their backs -- before Africans kicked them out penniless?

And explain how Spain ended up an impoverished basketcase for centuries, only a few short years after the colossal amount of gold and silver they looted from South America ran out?

Explain how Japan is so rich, despite having no natural resources, and despite being left utterly penniless and broken after WW2?

No -- you can't -- because you can't admit even to yourself that culture matters, and that our worth as human beings hinges on our culture and education, or lack thereof. CULTURE is real wealth. Money and resources are a fleeting, insignificant thing in comparison.

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The last time people from 'rich' countries moved en masse to 'poor' countries, it was decried as colonialism, and rightly so.

(I suppose the fact that Western colonies full of actual Westerners thrive everywhere they go is awfully inconvenient for the 'blame-white-people-first' crowd. Contrast the Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Nigerian, Turkish, Moroccan colonies in Europe, which are invariably dysfunctional and dirt-poor, despite massive amounts of welfare spending.)

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Plenty of ex-colonies are doing just fine. Plenty of shit countries are awash with guns. And there are places that do just fine even with the influence of the RC church -- I know some Irish and Catalans that'd like to have a word with you.

Your sneering attitude to Western culture marks _you_ out as the bigot. Not all cultures are made equal. And I don't care if you think I'm racist (if anything, you're outed yourself as a cultural Marxist). Name-calling your opponents doesn't change reality -- it all boils down to culture, and there's nothing to gain from denying that some cultures are simply better at fostering human wellbeing than others, and you're a fool if you think otherwise.

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Nice straw man.

White countries are rich, because they have a large amount of social and cultural capital, which we maintain by having rules and norms that we enforce.

Third world countries are poor because of their lack of culture, lack of law and contract enforcement, lack of morals and respect at street level, and because of general filth, shittiness and decay.

Whitey didn't make you rape and rob each other, or throw rubbish in the streets, or rip each other off. This is readily apparent when you see the filth in Third World areas of major cities like London. The difference is like night and day.

Poor countries are poor _despite_ the influence of evil Whitey, not because of him.

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"asylum seekers"

You mean, greedy Third World swine with nothing to contribute, who think that they're "entitled" to live in a rich country because Whitey is rich and they are poor?

Truth be told, most "asylum seekers" are frauds and fakes who are just out to get the Third World equivalent of winning the lottery. The refusal rate in most countries with rigorous screening of "asylum seekers" is abysmally high, simply because most of these criminals and chancers are greedy frauds.

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Goes to show that "poverty" is nothing to do with lack of money.

Poverty is a deep, complicated, multi-faceted thing, which includes, but isn't limited to having a pig shit-ignorant attitude to learning and innovating, moral turpitude, culturally ingrained ignorance, lack of hygiene, disgusting attitudes to women and foreign cultures; and generally being Third World degenerates.

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I wouldn't be so sure. Putin knows that if he breaks Ukraine, he owns it. He's cunning -- and will avoid this.

Likely, Putin will be happy to see a crippled and broken Ukraine that serves as a buffer state against what he and his minions see as NATO encroachment. AFAICT, the instability and division in Ukraine is a feature, not a bug. Note that he was quite happy to see Ukraine dysfunctional and poor under Yanukovich, at least until the old kleptocrat overextended himself, and found himself in exile in the land of his masters.

How to stop Putin? Not sure -- but one thing's for certain, we (the West) can't be seen as weak. Like Muslims, Russians respect strength and despise weakness. I suspect that only the threat of NATO flooding the future state of Western Ukraine with troops and hardware will cause him to step back.

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