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Comment: Re:Misleading headline (Score 1) 402

by benjfowler (#47593551) Attached to: The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict

And also shows how Hamas are taking the moral high ground too... /s.

And claiming that "desperation" justifies behaving like thugs, and launching those unguided POS bottle rockets by remote control at civilians is somehow justified... Just got to love those good old fashioned Islamic moral values...

Comment: Re:Qatar follows a Previous Model (Score 0, Offtopic) 402

by benjfowler (#47593531) Attached to: The High-Tech Warfare Behind the Israel - Hamas Conflict

If that were truly the case, and if Israeli really wanted to wipe out the Palestinians, that the breathless pro-Hamas dupes posting here claim, there wouldn't be a single Palestinian alive on Earth. Given what the Russians did to Grozny in the Second Chechan War, and given how much more overwhelmingly powerful the Western militaries are, it's actually a credit to the Israelis they've been able to do so little damage and kill so few people.

Anyway, what about Syrian civilians, slaughtered wholesale by (inferior) Russian weaponry. 200,000+ dead. Don't they count?

Comment: Red notice (Score 2) 100

Interpol Red Notices are routinely used by oppressive regimes to harass political opponents abroad. They're not always effective; governments seem to be free to ignore these things if it appears to be politically motivated.

It's not a good look for the Russians to be so cheeky as to protest a common thief getting busted like this. I should hope that if somebody in (say) the UK ripped off a few thousand Russian pensioners over the internet, that the Russians could have him handed over (and thrown in Russian PMITA prison) quickly. Our Russian friends seem to have forgotten the notions of reciprocity.

Comment: Java or Python (Score 4, Interesting) 415

by benjfowler (#47409917) Attached to: Python Bumps Off Java As Top Learning Language

Lots of people hate the whitespace block-delimiting, but I think Python is *way* better than Java for beginning programming classes.

I've seen the transition my alma mater made, between Modula-2 and Java. Modula-2 is trivial to pick up for anybody who cut their teeth on Turbo Pascal or Delphi, and "hello world" is quite easy to explain to anybody otherwise unfamiliar with programming. Try repeating that trick with Java's equivalent, and you'll understand why first-year dropout rates skyrocketed upon the switch. Anyway, Python has some nice goodies in the language which lends itself nicely to teaching both OO, and functional styles in the one language.

I've even seen this in non-IT specialties; at Imperial College here in London, the newbies learn Python (stands to reason, because it's the weapon of choice for many scientists, especially physicists). King's College, OTOH force their first-years to take a unit of Fortran, which actually manages to be about fifty times worse than any other language I've attempted to use.

The steepness of the learning curve is critical AFAICT -- you don't want to spoon-feed kids, but you don't want to crush them in their first two weeks at college either.

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It's really easy. Stop paying people to have kids. And bring in changes to turn kids from assets into liabilities -- works everywhere.

You'll get the usual left-wing hand-wringing about "child poverty" and "overcrowding" -- but the only people who are "overcrowded", are conservative Pakistani and Bangladeshi Muslims who can't keep their reactionary, undereducated dicks to themselves.

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