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Comment: Re:What about websites and paper magazines (Score 1) 216

by benjfowler (#49287267) Attached to: France Will Block Web Sites That Promote Terrorism

We'll keep saying that... until we import several million more useless idiots from crap countries to "replace" all the Westerners who are dying off.

Who in due course, like the mill towns of Northern England, will get automated out of existence five years after arriving, and will still end up unemployed and in the ghetto. All we're doing is storing up trouble for ourselves in the future.

I favour the Japanese solution myself. We are massively overcrowded, have plenty of technology, capital begging to be put to use... and far too many idlers as it is.

Comment: Re:Limits to the freedom of speech (Score 2) 216

by benjfowler (#49287163) Attached to: France Will Block Web Sites That Promote Terrorism

Damned straight. There are limits to free speech everywhere. Try publically denying the Holocaust in many countries in Europe, and see what happens to you.

It turns out that Muslims don't have the same boundaries as we do. Fair enough.

The problem here, is that we are being sanctimonous about freedom of speech, when absolute freedom of speech doesn't exist.

What we SHOULD be doing is saying, "hey Muslims, unlike in Dubai, within the limits of free speech, offence is not given, it's taken. Learn to love it -- or fuck off to a country with more agreeable laws."

Comment: Re:People (Score 2) 216

by benjfowler (#49286909) Attached to: France Will Block Web Sites That Promote Terrorism

Key difference: America gets the rich, civilized, polite, loyal ones.

Europe is in a bad neighbourhood. Also, we have dumb leaders who thought for decades, that it was good idea to import the biggest lowlifes they could find from all over the world to complete with local minimum-wage labour...

So now we have TWO huge, festering underclasses -- the old white one, and the new Muslim one. All the while, real wages and standards of living are plummeting everywhere.

It's by design: the Right get to divide and further strip-mine the lower classes, and the Left get to organize angry brown people (because they treat the white underclass with contempt for not having embraced the class struggle).

Only now, after decades of torrential low-quality immigration of countless millions of useless, unskilled, uncultured and shit-poor people; have our wonderful leaders figured out there might be a problem. Unfortunately the horse has already bolted...

Comment: Leak-value is worthless (Score 1, Insightful) 81

by benjfowler (#48846319) Attached to: NSA Prepares For Future Techno-Battles By Plotting Network Takedowns

I cannot possibly see any kind of justification for 'public right to know' or 'public interest' here.

Here, it's just a bunch of idiots who hate the West in general (and the United States in particular), trying to give the Western security apparatus a black eye. I fail to see how leaking our game plans to enemies and competitors is going to make us any safer.

Like it or not, the West is the light on the hill for the whole world. People who believe otherwise should imagine the whole world being run along Chinese, Russian or Islamist lines... The West does a lot of bad shit, but we are choir boys, compared to the rest of the world.

Dear leaker community: please stop shitting in your own nest. You have no idea what you're doing, or what kind of world you're trying to create.

Comment: Institutions matter (Score 2) 83

by benjfowler (#48840659) Attached to: What Africa Really Needs To Fight Ebola

The developed world has norms, rules, traditions, institutions, stuff like that to control corruption. Many African and Middle Eastern countries lack these. And that includes know-how on how to control corruption.

Methods to increase transparency and control corruption are very well known. Singapore and Hong Kong started out dirt-poor with no resources and no money, but their leaders were wise enough to put the right systems into place from the outset. Hong Kong's ICAC are world-class at preventing and dealing with corruption, and a lot of backwards countries could do well to learn from them. Lee Kwan Yew IMHO is a legend.

The trouble is, most leaders in most countries will steal anything not nailed down (as I've seen in Spain myself); it's human nature to seek out power and then start stealing everything, especially in "low trust" societies with Third World mindsets ("me!! now!! i'm entitled!!"). When the corruption gets so bad that the interests of the kleptocratic elite interlock, then improvement becomes impossible.

That's not to say that reform isn't impossible (and the few cases where highly corrupt places got cleaned up, there were external centres of power that could challenge the corrupt leaders and get them removed); just highly unlikely.

Comment: Exciting stuff (Score 2) 170

by benjfowler (#48840175) Attached to: Analysis Suggests Solar System Contains Massive Trans-Neptunian Objects

I hope I'm alive long enough for somebody to build probes that are fast and powerful enough to reach and map these places.

The trouble with present technology, is that most rockets/spacecraft only have enough delta-V to take decades to get out there, and nowhere near enough to actually go into orbit when they get out there.

Hazarding a guess, I would say that that'll only happen when somebody gets around to building nuclear-powered engines. The big question is: who's got the money and balls to pull it off?

Comment: Re:Immigrants are natives (Score 0) 219

by benjfowler (#48839177) Attached to: European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

Don't try to excuse violent behaviour. It's never justified.

Although going on experience, many of the ethnics I've seen have poor-quality qualifications from rubbish universities. For talented people with a good degree, the doors are just as open.

I think the only issue here, is that we don't have South African-style BEE in France, so you don't get a free leg-up for having a brown skin or a foreign-sounding name. France is brutally meritocratic, as far as I can tell.

I think it's got to do with Muslim external locus of control; Muslims like to blame everything and everybody else but themselves for their problems. Blaming their surnames, or the colours of their own skin is a luxury that white people don't have.

"Inshallah" isn't just a word. It's a state of mind which entrenches laziness, indolence, apathy and fatalism.

Rephrased, if you can't succeed in the West, you are shit.

Having a brown skin doesn't entitle you to special treatment, as much as Muslims love to go around complaining and loudly demanding special treatment. Basically, if they can't "cut it", they should do what tens of millions of white people in the late 19th/early 20th century, up sticks, and move to greener pastures. Or are they too good for that? There is no right to be liked or accepted.

Comment: Re: To curb terrorism (Score 1) 219

by benjfowler (#48839095) Attached to: European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

Trade is a positive-sum game, freely entered into by consenting parties.

This is all just bullshit Muslim grievance-mongering, as always.

It's not our problem how they spend their oil money.

What's the alternative? Sell it to the Chinese? Muslims are weird, in that they tolerate abuse from Chinese/Russian dictators that they were never tolerate from the West. I think it boils down to some really deep resentment of white people, because the West are better imperialists than they are (Muslims are also violent, venal imperialists -- they're just really shit at it.)

Or they could just leave their Allah-bestowed black gold in the ground, and starve. That works too.

If we fixed everything else that was wrong in the world, I'm sure that they could consider it an affront that somewhere, a non-Muslim person was breathing the same air as them.

Comment: Re:To curb terrorism (Score 1, Flamebait) 219

by benjfowler (#48838825) Attached to: European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

Really? That's news to me.

Show me these vast transplanted colonies of white people all over the Middle East. Oh that's right -- you CAN'T. Because there are none.

Well, there _was_ Algeria, but then the Algerians told the whites living there, 'leave with your bags, or inside one'. And rightly so. They were colonists. Just like the millions of Muslim colonists living in most of the major cities of Western Europe.

The Middle East used to be full of Jews and Christians. No longer. They were all persecuted, raped, robbed, driven out. 95% of the Middle East and North Africa is now Muslim.

Hypocrite much?

Comment: Re:2nd/3rd generation of immigrants are IMMIGRANTS (Score 1) 219

by benjfowler (#48838775) Attached to: European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

America is a civil state.

The European countries are ethnic states, have been for thousands of years, and their borders are almost literally written in blood.

While Europe is exceedingly liberal and politically correct in general, it would be 'unwise' indeed, to mistake generosity and kindness for weakness.

Japan and China has the right idea WRT their citizenship law. Germany is also quite strict in comparison to the rest of Europe.

I expect that after the next couple of major terrorist attacks here, the situation will rectify itself...

Comment: Re:To curb terrorism (Score 5, Insightful) 219

by benjfowler (#48838753) Attached to: European Countries Seek Sweeping New Powers To Curb Terrorism

Multiculturalism only works when everyone agrees to the same rules of the road.

The big trouble here, is that a disturbingly large number of Muslims hold opinions that are complete anathema to open and free Western societies. They are only too happy to benefit from the freedoms afforded them; yet, as we've seen in the last week, they despise with every fibre of their being, other people exercising their _own_ rights in a free society.

This hypocrisy is going to tear Western societies apart unless something is done soon. The solutions, as I see them: 1) we let Muslims impose their culture on us; or 2) we impose our own culture while we are still a strong majority -- and then force the minority to pick sides.

Something has to give.

You are false data.