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You have totally nailed it.

What the nerds (mostly of libertarian leanings, I notice) who frequent this site forget, is that there are lots of people out there are simply not that bright and haven't had access to the opportunities that they have; and that by structuring everything in society such that thick people can't make an honest living, then we are storing up massive trouble for ourselves. It's an arrogant and naive point of view to just assume that thick people are morally defective for being unemployed or on minimum wage, IMHO.

In the face of automation and cheap competition, we have a huge problem. On one hand, human civilization won't survive billions of people living in absolute squalor; we need economic development and productivity increases to get those societies up and beyond the demographic transition; OTOH, we don't want our own societies to turn into a dystopian hell, because the bottom 70% of society has become -- quite literally -- economically useless.

Closing the borders won't help; if you're not competing with an immigrant here, you're competing with them elsewhere (factor price equalization). And it's politically nearly impossible to consider radical options like a basic income when you see the absolute fucking travesty that America is so inept, that it can't even manage to give everyone a decent health plan, despite being the richest and most powerful nation on Earth.

I suppose we can conclude that productivity increases are required for the human race to survive the next 100 years; but niceties like meaningful employment are simply going to have to disappear. That in itself is a form of "poverty", albeit, not a material one.

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It was a tough call. They had to use a high enough dose to make sure the women wired to the claymores would be knocked out sufficiently fast that they didn't time to set off their explosives.

Incredibly gutsy call to make. I'd hate to face the families of the innocents who died from gas poisoning.

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Libertarian basement-dweller crap.

Barely anybody apart from violent radical Muslims are getting explicitly labelled as terrorists, and you know it. It's dishonest and frankly stupid to attempt to claim otherwise.

But never mind me. I shouldn't interrupt the clueless internet-libertarian circlejerk here.

Comment: Crazy man (Score -1, Flamebait) 247

by benjfowler (#48216201) Attached to: Assange: Google Is Not What It Seems

That nutter must've dropped too far out of the headlines. Maybe he's worried the cops will barge into the Ecuadorian Embassy now?

Anybody who does a regular spot on RT (basically Putin's Dr Goebbels), alongside other quislings and traitors like 'Gorgeous' George Galloway, and Yvonne Ridley (tellingly, Muslim converts), is basically telling the world what he thinks of his own people.

I wouldn't trust the guy as far as I could throw a bacon sarnie.

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by benjfowler (#48153973) Attached to: Pentagon Reportedly Hushed Up Chemical Weapons Finds In Iraq

I could imagine the US being keen not to openly advertise the presence of these horrible weapons to the terrorists overrunning the place.

The reasons for wanting to keep it quiet are very pragmatic and sensible.

Iraq is already in a bad situation, with us having to wipe the arabs' stupid, corrupt and inept backsides for them as it is, without having to worry about additional complication of ISIS getting any more ideas, and trying to get their hands on Sarin and mustard gas.

The evil motherfuckers have already been experimenting with chemical and germ agents. Why push our luck any further?

Common sense, really.

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