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Comment Re:Historical data (Score 1) 23

In Oregon, the reason voters set yearly minimum wage increases into law was precisely to increase the buying power of the poor and increase the local food movement economy, thus revitalizing an agricultural sector that was dying due to Chilean imports.

The down side- it makes our workforce less elastic. We continually trail unemployment nationally by two points, and we're the first to suffer from a recession and the last to recover from it.

Comment Re:Because the CIA is evil. (Score 1) 279

No, there were no WMDs in Iraq

Ok, so the WMDs in Iraq, used by Saddam to kill thousands of people in Iraq - those didn't exist? This sort of nonsense is supposed to make you sound credible? Who do you think your audience is - people just like you, but even dumber, who won't wonder if you paid any attention whatsoever to stacks of dead people killed with Iraq's chemical weapons? Man, it must be really annoying to be you, with reality being such a constant irritant like that.

Comment Re: Damn people are getting dumb (Score 1) 68

Or how about a more novel idea: Instead of paying to avoid copyright, either actually pay for the movies you watch or don't watch them.

I tried that. No one would take my money. And 6 months later when they did want to take my money they wanted to take twice as much as normal because... well I assume they had the added cost of dubbing the original so people said "aluminium" instead of "aluminum" and had to put the missing 'u' back into various words in the subtitles. Maybe they even edited the footage so the toilets flushed in the opposite way, that would justify the cost.

Comment Re: Damn people are getting dumb (Score 1) 68

Or you could take the low-hanging fruit principle. Are studios likely to go after people who obfuscate their presence or likely to just record IP addresses and John Doe them to their nearest ISP?

I think VPN torrenters or those using SOCKS proxies will be relatively safe until everyone starts doing it.

Comment Re:This is how it begins (Score 1) 181

Use the state of emergency to suppress legitimate protests.

Define "legitimate protest". We are talking about protests against the government which runs one of the lowest CO2 producing countries in the EU, a government who recognises climate change, and a government who's leading the way in curbing emissions, not just global warming, but also things like NOx with new regulations. I wonder how much of this protest was actually "legitimate".

Comment Re:"using the opportunity to suppress dissent." (Score 2) 181

You don't need to be a climate denier to get sick of some of the protesting crap that is happening in the world. France is in the bottom quartile of CO2 emissions in the EU countries both in absolute terms and per capita terms. They are also on the forefront of regulating diesel use, and attempting to reduce car use in the inner city (not helped by Paris's crap air quality).

The idea that people are protesting against the French government on environmental grounds seems quite strange to me.

Comment Re:Although I heavily disagree... (Score 1) 181

So you get this massive protest with thousands of people in one area. What happens when bombs and gunshots start going off? I don't mean the protesters would get violent, but what about ISIS terrorism taking advantage of the crowd and chaos.

Perhaps this is the government realizing that it cannot provide security for both dignitaries and protesters at this time.

Comment Re:Now only if... (Score 1) 47

Exactly. . I don't know how many times i need to tell idiots to get off my lawn each and every day. It seems like more and more every day too.

Oh, and I'm not sure Cox lost anything on this front except the ability to claim a DMCA exception. Of course in order to do so, they would have had to blindly follow the takedown process which cutting internet access to anything more than the specific content is not part of.

In other words, they may still be exempt from liability, just not according to a law that doesn't seem to apply to the specific circumstances.

Comment Re:Book misses major points (Score 0) 135

I don't think she sufficiently covered the HOW which is the problem.

They don't fund a charter school and see how the students there do.

They fund political campaigns to move money FROM the existing system TO their system.

When their system does not support their projections, they leave it. BUT THEY DO NOT PAY TO HAVE THE LAW REVERSED.

So the end result is a worse public school system.

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