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by mysidia (#46764333) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support

I would be fed up with FedUp... if I were you

Wake me, when there's a RHELUp available to go from RHEL5 to RHEL6.

More seriously.... I don't run production systems on Fedora, and I don't think anyone should.

Fedora is more of a developer desktop OS; that gives an idea of what the future version of RHEL might look like in the future.

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by mysidia (#46763537) Attached to: How Does Heartbleed Alter the 'Open Source Is Safer' Discussion?

Safer != Perfect

Open Source is not perfect. It also does not help when you have large commercial institutions RELYING on the source code in a security critical role under constant attack by well-funded adversaries, AND the developers of said open source code are so pitifully underfunded, AND the commercial proprietors that cause said open source library to become a high-value target are only willing to invest in features, and not improvements that would lead to better quality and lesser likelihood of serious bugs.

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by mysidia (#46761171) Attached to: OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL

I never saw a C program with a remote file inclusion bug or a C code injection bug caused by an eval().

Pretty much all the errors caused by C fall into two buckets: reading an improper memory location and writing an improper memory location (including double-free'ing an invalid memory address).

As long as you can be certain to avoid those two conditions, C is just as safe as other languages. There are ways you can design your C programs, and rules you can follow which make it unlikely for you to include such errors.

For non-trivial programs, there are plenty of advantages of managing your own memory: which you cannot do in other languages such as Python or Java.

The other languages' use of garbage collection results in great space and runtime inefficiencies.

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by sumdumass (#46761121) Attached to: Snowden Used the Linux Distro Designed For Internet Anonymity

Lol.. not only that, man in the middle, and that point about the NSA complaining so it isn't them strikes me odd. A lot of gay bashers are closet homosexuals complaining about the gays in order to stop you from thinking they are gay. It's one of the oldest forms of deciet- fake outrage while being behind it.

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by mysidia (#46761055) Attached to: OpenBSD Team Cleaning Up OpenSSL

$30,949 is how much the OpenBSD Foundation received in donations in 2013.

And yet... I heard OpenSSL itself gets at most $2000 in a typical year. Despite tens of thousands of banks, retailers, hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers, all relying on their code in a security critical fashion to support their business activities. The MOST the OpenSSL project gets in contributions is a mere shilling?

And no real support for high quality code review, maintenance, and release management. Just support for adding feature bloat.

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by Marxist Hacker 42 (#46760757) Attached to: Slashdot Asks: How Do You Pay Your Taxes?

As long as you aren't a victim of Tax Identity Fraud. My taxes are rather complex, my wife and I have used TurboTax for years to deal with them, until this year. When we went to file, we go the error "Spouse's Tax Identification Number has already been used". Yes, some idiot had used her SSN to already file before the first week of February.

So we had to file by paper, notify three other agencies, put a hold on her credit, and call the local cops to get a tax refund this year. NEVER tell me that identity theft is a victimless crime.

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by sillybilly (#46760293) Attached to: The GNOME Foundation Is Running Out of Money
By the way when it comes to both competition and sustaining genetic variability, the understood rules are that life is ego based, there are different levels of ego, everyone is responsible to look out for themselves first, then for their families next (in this order, as there are plenty of divorces, and the self comes before the family in them all), then for their "kind", be it their race, color, religion, ethnicity, nationality, or even things such as being "gay", "wiccan", "Harley Davidson", or "heavy metal fan," etc, all falling under the term "identity." You have the right to your identity. To illustrate it with a relatively uncharged and infrequent issue, it's not in harmony with the tao to force indian immigrants to marry chinese ones, when they each wish to marry their own kind, or stay within their "identity." Indian people will care about everyone, but will feel extra responsibility in caring about indians, compared to caring about, say, chinese folks. It's only natural to expect that. Same goes for jews, blacks, hispanics, etc., but whites as a group have affirmative action for now, where by law, they are required to go extra length and extra care based on race, to compensate for past wrongs. So much for competition and ego. When it comes to sustaining genetic variability, your ultimate argument is that one must survive, not at any cost of course. So the question is what is too much cost? If it came down to humans surviving vs. all other species going extinct, we would pick humans surviving, in a speciest way. But when it came to a single human vs. a whole ecosystem of species, such as the Amazon rain forest, well, we can always make more humans, and you don't live forever, so there may be a lot of humans willing to drink the hemlock, Socrates style.

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by sillybilly (#46760009) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support
There is some weird javascript now on Slashdot that keeps jumping the cursor to random places in your text in middle of typing a word, and sometimes overwrites a word remotely, kind of like typing into google search instantly gets autocomplete results, only possible if every single letter is submitted as you type. Back in the old days you could fill out the google search box, then click search, before any network traffic, same with these slashdot submissiion boxes. It might be the browser though, not slashdot, but I'm ashamed of all the grammatical errors in my postings. Btw there is no psychotherapy that relaxes your mind better than coming on Slashdot and bitching. For mental health purposes.

Comment: Re:Why not go back to the old SP system and stop t (Score 1) 536

by sillybilly (#46759739) Attached to: Microsoft Confirms It Is Dropping Windows 8.1 Support
Basically the new trend in computer business is to remove your ability to locally store files, and keep everything in the cloud, for free now, later blackmailed. This is done by forcing everyone onto smartphones, away from traditional PC's with local file storage. When they hold all your data, all your data is in the cloud, how much is access to your own resume worth to you? $59.99 per access instance? That's cheap! When you need to get a job they will all require electronic submission of your resume, and the only way to create that is on the cloud, because locally stored files are a threat to national security, terrorists might compile an AI (artificial intelligence) that hunts all humans down and eats them alive (by being smarter than any human, hacking into any factory and composing satellite and cellular controlled robots to download itself into, ending up with millions of mobile robots smarter than humans). So when you can only "safely" create any computer related bits and bytes only in the cloud, and there is a team of 12 people paid to watch what you create, then once you create such an electronic resume, and gets approval from all 12 to be safe, it will cost you $59.99 per per job submission instance, to cover the cost of security, inspection of what you created. How many jobs can you afford to apply to then per day? And they will only accept electronically submitted resumes, like medical records are mandatory to be electronic anymore. The jobs are the future are increasingly guilt based, such as prison labor, because noncommuting, local workers, with communal lunches, communal bathroom facilities are the only "slaves" able to compete in the global jobmarket and being able to save 55 cents from the $1 per day that they get paid, because 45 cents is what their housing/food/utilities costs add up to. The other job is "telecommuting" without gasoline cost, where you sit at home and get paid to watch traffic cameras and report suspicious activity, or, as mentioned above, be an observer in the cloud and be one of the 12 inspectors who vote and "agree" to release a resume somebody typed into the "wild," to a job submission database. It's all just a matter of security. Old school "secure", nonchipped mechanical typewriters are gonna be really highly prized in the future, as long as you can figure out a way to type on toilet paper, because all other information storage paper will be banned, to save trees. In fact, the french have bidets, where you don't get to use any paper whatsoever, instead a water jet rinses your privates - I never done it, but from my college french who used to live in France, heard it's strange at first, but you can get use it and like it. Must be kinda like anal sex, strange at first, but people can get to like it. And it might become a necessity, because the Obamacare contraceptive requirement is nonsense, Mr. Obama is not aware that in the US we're not able to follow 5 simple instructions to the letter - in fact where I work there is a job that requires writing numbers in sequence on sheets of paper to label parts, and I don't think there was a single time we hit 10000 on the mark, it's always off by 3, or 14, etc. - so we can't even follow one simple instruction, let alone the 1500 steps necessary in organic synthesis to make a contraceptive drug, there is always something messed up, and then you end up with a "mystery" drug that you sell as a contraceptive, but you don't actually know what it is. Unless it's made by Koreans, Japanese, or Taiwanese, because they are the only ones (except maybe some Swiss, Brits, Germans, and UAE folks) who can letter to 10000 on the mark, but not ones born in the US(they are like the rest of us) but raised in those countries. In US drug factories one way to fix problems is to import a critical mass of people from the proper places, say 80% of the workforce that is actually executing the organic synthesis steps. You need insane people who will lose 20 lbs during graduation from high school, like in Korea, where they get so stressed from studying trying to pass the exams, and don't even have a prom. I got some "Canadian Pharmacy" antibiotics from guess what, India, and out of ampicyllin, doxycycline and erythromicyn only erythromicyn functioned, because it's made by a soil fungus, whose enzymes can follow genetic instructions to the letter, as opposed to the other stuff made by people, who cannot follow simple instructions. People relying on contraceptive drugs to not get pregnant when suing will be told they forgot to read the fine print. Which is a great way to increase our population in the US to better compete with population densities of Japan, Korea, China, India and Indonesia. But if you're serious about contraceptives, anal sex is a really simple and cheap one, and women can get used to it. The ancient rules about the sins of Sodom, Gonorrah and Onan no longer apply in face of global human excesses, and massive extinction rate in other species, as back in ancient times there were relatively few humans, and out of 20 children 2.1 were expected to survive, barely maintaining population levels. Today, if everyone has 20 kids, all 20 might survive, and we have a problem. In face China has a 1 child policy, they already claim they have a population problem. But the US is fairly empty in a lot of places.

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by deego (#46759341) Attached to: Intuit, Maker of Turbotax, Lobbies Against Simplified Tax Filings

This will happen time and again. If not Intuit, it will be industry X buying government on issue Y because it benefits them.

You can blame Intuit all you want, but that's like blaming sand for flowing downhill. Legal lobbying for your best self-interest is what we all do.

The real problem is not Intuit, but it's the Government. It should not be "buyable." Its purpose was to provide national security and law and order, that's all. The more functions and power it takes on, the more the lobbying goes up..

Think it's not bad enough? Heck, a 30-mile circle outside DC is populated mainly by lobbyists.

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