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Comment: Re:Insurance (Score 2) 196

Uber pays for insurance, therefore there is no 'subsidy' and the risk to Uber passengers is comparable to BETTER then commercial taxi services. Better because Uber pays for more insurance then required by law. There are plenty of cab companies that only go for the minimum.

Comment: Apple was in the right (Score 1) 141

This lawsuit is bullshit. I remember this time and the issue from when it happened. Apple had DRM fights with Realplayer and Rhapsody. Basically Apple allowed you to import unprotected mp3 files and audio CD's. They further allowed (of course) purchases from their own store and were under contractual obligations from record companies to lock down music from the iTunes store at that time. What Rhapsody and Realplayer wanted to do is to sell DRM'ed music yet let it play under iTunes and obviously the iPod, so those companies had to hack iTunes to allow this. If they just sold unprotected content iTunes would have happily imported it and there would be no issue. So they figured out how to hack iTunes, Apple saw what they did and changed it. I think this cycle repeated once or twice. If a customer updated iTunes and had hacked DRM content basically iTunes rejected it and forced the user to start clean. That customer would not be able to use DRM'ed content from Realplayer or Rhapsody. Apple was certainly not required to allow others to hack into iTunes and make it play DRM'ed music from other content providers.

Comment: Re:Contamination (Score 2) 67

The war machine actually kills people, destroys food and crops and wrecksthe environment actively. Why not start cutting there before you think about cutting space program money. Oh, and the war machine takes 100 times the funding, so it is much easier to cut there then from the space programs of various nations.

Comment: Re:He's not just speculating (Score 2) 96

It is not NASA's fault. It is congress going after pork. The scientists at NASA are pretty damn good and generally know what they want. Often it is a choice between something misguided like SLS or nothing at all. It is not as if NASA scientists or administrators would have picked SLS the way it is. They were pretty much told, if you don't build it using these suppliers we are not going to fund you.

Comment: Google glass WITHOUT camera (Score 2) 154

Google needs to make a glass without the camera. One that is OBVIOUSLY different to the average person so they do not mistake it for the one with the camera. That could take some of the stigma away from the device. It could look much more like a regular pair of glasses. Sure, half of the applications need the camera, but many ideas do not, and it would reduce the cost. The technology and the software could mature without the social stigma and would have a good chance.

Comment: Re:Who are the proposed customers? (Score 1) 70

by beltsbear (#47961445) Attached to: Wanxiang May Give 2012's Fisker Karma a Relaunch

Maybe you are right. But the primary thing that needs to be done is up the build quality and make people feel comfortable about the long term prospects for the car. The car has unusual good looks. Rich people will buy it if they think its not gonna leave them stranded. I said $5000 because that gets the car under the magic $100,000 price barrier.

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