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Comment Re:and... (Score 1) 299

Correct, but it does provide battery backup during power outages and the net cost after 5 years is in the $3000 range. A good generator with auto-switchover can cost that with installation and it makes a whole lot more noise. Also the battery should last more then 10 years though with less capacity then when it was new.

Comment Very low trade in values (Score 4, Insightful) 148

Most people will be attempting to trade in phones with almost no value. The people who buy high end Android phones are Android fans and are going to be unlikely to trade for an iPhone. The vast majority of the Android phones sold are low priced and drop to less then $50 trade in value within two years, the time that they would be traded in. An iPhone that is bought new is typically worth 3-5x that at the two year point. The 2.5 year old iPhone 5 still sells for $200 on eBay in good condition.

Comment Re:Insurance (Score 2) 216

Uber pays for insurance, therefore there is no 'subsidy' and the risk to Uber passengers is comparable to BETTER then commercial taxi services. Better because Uber pays for more insurance then required by law. There are plenty of cab companies that only go for the minimum.

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