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Journal bellus quies's Journal: Kittenzzz 7

Yea, I might be getting a kitten. My friend works at a vet clinic and they need a home for a cat that just got done with surgery. See, most people don't want a cute cuddly cat with a physical defect, but dogs get snatched up in a heartbeat if they do.

So I'm getting a 3-legged kitty.

Any ideas on names?

And how to house train a cat... I've always benefited from being around my sisters who had cats and they would take care of all that dirty work like pee abatement and such and I just reap the cuddly benefits of a purring ball of claws and teeth.

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  • Stumpy? Luckily whatever name you pick, the cat won't care :-)
  • Well, when I was a kid the girls across the street had a gazillion cats. One of them was also three-legged. I remember when that happened -- we had a graveyard behind our house (we had nothing to do with it, I swear!) and they had these huge riding mowers. Apparently Kitty got too close and lost a front leg (I remember the girls out screaming, trying to catch the cat, while what was left of...uh, nevermind).

    Anyway, her name was simply Mamma-Cat, partly because she was indeed the mother of many of their ca

  • Tripod.

    Sure, it is cliched. But I like it.
  • Because it sounds like "able."

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