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Comment: SkySails (Score 1) 164 164

The SkySails propulsion system consists of a large foil kite, an electronic control system for the kite and an automatic system to retract the kite. The system bears similarities to kitesurfing.... A ship equipped with the current SkySails could consume from 10 to 35% less fuel.

Comment: Re:Come on GM, at least make the lie BELIEVABLE (Score 1) 1006 1006

I am a fan. I think the engineers at GM asked the right questions when they built this car. How far does the average driver commute? How can we create an electric car that is a full replacement for the average car? How can we make the batteries powerful yet last for years? How can we make the car look decent and still accomplish our goals? I am no greenie but I love to see technology solve our current and future problems. I also am happy to see solutions that reduce our dependence on the Middle East.

Comment: Re:Come on GM, at least make the lie BELIEVABLE (Score 1) 1006 1006

Charging it isn't the problem. The Leaf has a maximum radius of 50 miles. If you want to drive outside that radius you are SOL. It isn't a practical car, it's maybe a good secondary car. The Volt on the other hand doesn't compromise it can replace your current car.

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