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Comment Jerks with revertbots. (Score 5, Insightful) 372

The wikipedia community has made itself utterly insular and there's way too much protectionism-via-automation.

Make an edit on an article someone thinks is 'theirs' ? Auto reverted via a bot. Complain about it? vote to block.

The constant barrage of Wikipedia-specific jargon and acronyms, all on its own, is enough to turn off most people.

Wikipedia's culture has very much evolved away from everyman's resource to a rarefied and specialized discipline that requires as much specific knowledge as most jobs.

Comment Re:OOH, Ageism from the kid! (Score 5, Funny) 515

As someone who has, many times, been told I was turned down for a position because I was "just too young," I can promise you that people under 65 enjoy no such protection.

FTR, I'm still under 30.

That means you lack experience, not that you're too young.

Now go refill this coffee. No cream, no sugar.

Comment Re:Cutting edge (Score 1) 484

>> The explosives were most likely done to break up certain shapes and destroy electronics.
>> I doubt the materials themselves used to skin the helicopter are as important as compared to the shape of the various components of the copter.

Unfortunately, no.

The use of materials to reduce RCS, both composites and coatings, is a closely guarded secret of materials science.

The LO paint compositions are themselves classified. Getting paint chip samples is a coup for anyone wanting to play catch-up without doing 20 years of research.

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