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Osteopathy itself is pretty wacky, but the trend is for schools to fall more in line with the practices of conventional medicine. It's also worth noting that osteopathic schools have a tendency to accept more non-traditional students e.g; late career change, or non-scientific undergraduate degrees.

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An anonymous reader writes "When web browsers started implementing 'do-not-track' settings, Yahoo got some respect for being the first of the huge tech companies to honor those settings. Unfortunately, that respect has now gone out the door. As of this week, Yahoo will no longer alter their data collection if a user doesn't want to be tracked. They say there are two reasons for this. First, they want to provide a personalized web-browsing experience, which isn't possible using do-not-track. Second, they don't think do-not-track is viable. They say, '[W]e've been at the heart of conversations surrounding how to develop the most user-friendly standard. However, we have yet to see a single standard emerge that is effective, easy to use and has been adopted by the broader tech industry.' It looks like this is another blow to privacy on the web."
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You might want to recheck your "facts." The prevailing theory is that excess fire surpression has lead to more dramatic wildfires, not a lack of "timbering." Indeed, selective harvesting of mature trees for more board-feet also leaves the forest more vulnerable to fires, since younger trees as are not as able to withstand them.

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Amazon is being particularly uncool about this. When I submitted a ticket this weekend I got a message back a day later thanking me for my suggestion that they add support for Android, when the point was thay it had already been supported!

Fortunately(?) streaming is working on my desktop with FF17 under Lucid Lynx (the previous LTS).

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Right, I said the ight to bear arms was granted to protect other rights as a matter of last resort.
That does not make it natural or intrinsic. By the logic that any potential means of self-defense
must be permitted, regardless of repurcussions and efforts to limit those, one has a right to
possess an M-28 Davy Crockett. That is of course ridiculous, and I acknowledge thay where one
draws the line with regards to what weaponry is reasonable to permit is a sticky one, but I
maintain that does not have a right to any and all forms of them simply by virtue of genus.

Thank you for the reasoned response though.

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