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Comment: 3D printed guns. (Score 2) 199

by bejiitas_wrath (#45648509) Attached to: Affordable 3D Metal Printer Developed Based on RepRap

This will be the next thing demonised in the media, even though the technology has many positive benefits in terms of manufacturing. But after printing the object do you still need to trim it and sand it down? Maybe you print it slightly oversize and then trim it down to smooth it out. What is the exact finishing process with this tech?

Comment: Nokia have always been a leader in mobile devices. (Score -1) 112

by bejiitas_wrath (#45206965) Attached to: Nokia Introduces Windows Tablet

It is time that they abandoned the old Symbian OS and enbraced something else; but I wonder if they will ever create a good Linux phone like the Ubuntu Edge. Now that is a device that is made for the desktop as well as mobile. But I have a Nokia 520 and I love it. The battery life could be better though. When are we going to get more advanced batteries?

Comment: Text based adventure as a boot option? (Score 2, Insightful) 106

by bejiitas_wrath (#44932419) Attached to: Boot To Zork

Someone do this, I loved playing the text-based adventure games as a kid. Someone should bring these back. They had amazing graphics as you saw the world in your head. Nothing like the 1080p games they make now. But Zork is a classic and the ability to play it now is incredible. Pity that graphics now is the selling point instead of gameplay and story development.

Comment: Larger planet; more gravity. (Score 1) 112

What if we find a planet that is just like Earth; and has a thriving ecosystem; but has much more gravity than Earth? We would need exoskeleton suits to walk around until we got used to it. But I guess we will find Earth 2.0 eventually that is just right. But even a planet like Venus could have life in the upper atmosphere. And there are theories that even Neutron stars harbour life under the surface. Life will always find a way. Not all aliens are humanoid with funny things on their foreheads.

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