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Comment Re:Truck Stops, Gas Stations, etc (Score 1) 775 775

Been like that pretty much forever. Before they had the stores they had service bays. And if that friendly guy who checked your oil just happened to notice that your hoses looked bad, well... But then the newer cars started needing less and less service, so the bays were replaced with stores.

Comment Re:It's IBM's fault. Everyone copied the PC. (Score 1) 670 670

You're both right in a way. The 3278s did have a cap lock next to the A key. That was because the 3278s replaced typewriters in the corporate environment. The original PC/XT/AT systems were not targeted at the corporate environment, they were targeted at the SOHO market. Those keyboards did not have the caps lock next to the A key. The 3270PC was used as a replacement for 3278, and it had the caps lock next to the A. This was the first IBM PC targeted for corporate. After that most of their PCS were corporate use, and they retained that layout.

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