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Comment: Re:Are you OK, samzenpus? (Score 1) 80 80

I've never felt like there was a conservative or liberal majority on Slashdot, but a very well represented (albeit oft-trolling) pool of each. Occasionally each side is well represented with intelligent discourse, but not as often as I'd like.

  an independent Slashdotter

It is a little bad if you are an actual Libertarian and have to fend off the Republicans who are ashamed of their party so they have co-opted the party and made it seem as if we are lunatics. Most of us Libertarians are (were?) quite far left of the representatives of the Democrat party. I, for example, support single-payer health care - not because I am a lovey-dubey caring individual (I really am, sort of) but because it costs less for the society as a whole and makes a better business environment.

I shall rant but I will keep it short.

I support taxing the wealthy, I could pay more in taxes (I am not going to - I avoid them where possible) easily so I donate to causes I believe in instead. I support business regulations. I support roads, libraries, education, and social welfare programs. I could even be convinced to support a universal standard of living payment out of tax dollars. I want a small government that spends its money wisely.

We have plenty of money, even to service our debts, so long as we stop spending it on stupid things like being the World's Police.® If we strip out the pork and start working to taking the money out of politics then, perhaps, we will be on the right road. Note the perhaps part - the world is not black and white and no one political system can be incorporated in a pure form as it simply will not work.

I also support State and Individual rights, note that I did not use the word freedoms because unless you are physically restricted then you are free to do something though there are potential consequences for it. One of my favorite statements is that, "I am free to kill you, I am not at liberty to do so." I think I may be the author of that quote, or I picked it up subconsciously, so it is open for claiming, using, or debating. Consider it an open source adage and do with it what you will.

I support legalization of all drugs - all of them - even if they kill you. I support identification of products and product purity and think it is the government's job to work to ensure such. I do not support either heterosexual or gay marriage - I support civil unions with contracts being decided amongst the parties involved and do not limit it to a couple. I think marriage, as a word, is quite happily the property of the religious zealots who can happily have their ceremonies all they want but that those ceremonies should not be anything backed by or recognized by the state. We have contracts and contract law for a reason and it is high time we make use of them. Everyone should be equal under the law and the most correct way to do this, to my mind, is to allow it have contracts between people. The government should not be in the business of deciding who has access to what hole by which gender. If you want to self-identify as a transsexual bisexual turtle then go right the fuck ahead. It should not matter that you do not fit into a check-box on the government's form - that check-mark box should not be there in the first place.

I am mixed race. I am Caucasian, African-American, and Amerindian. I do not support affirmative action. I support merit based society. I think that, to me, affirmative action is "the man" telling me that I can not do it on my own and that because I am inferior that I must be given special treatment. Screw that. I got to where I am because I have had a lot of help and good fortune. None of that help was based on my gender, my color, or any other physical trait. I got that help because I worked hard, was in the right place at the right time, and had good information that I was able to use to further myself. If I had been told that I was inferior and needed help because of some innate physical trait then I probably would have accepted mediocrity.

Most importantly I believe in rights. In pretty much all cases the laws (which should be simple and few but carry penalties that are enforced though probably not as draconian as they are) should "err" on the side of personal rights. Freedom is a right and an important right but it needs to be respected. Rights are to be given to the individual, freely. They should have responsibilities and be accountable. The government should not be deciding what you do to you so long as what you are doing does not impact the safety of other people.

I am nothing special or anything. Most Libertarians think/thought like I do. We all have a variety of things that are important to us and we all have slightly different views as to how we should solve these problems. Unfortunately, there is a vocal minority who has insisted they speak for the whole when, really, they represent nobody or anything close to the party platform. They are just neo-conservatives who have co-opted the Libertarian name because they are too ashamed to be associated with the Republican party name. Their beliefs have not changed, nor have our's, but the message that goes out appears to have changed. We are not organized well enough or centralized well enough to kick these people out of the party and there is no way we can restrict them from using the moniker.

Finally, in my observations, the total number of folks here that are vocal tend to be skewed left. The demographics would suggest that this is normal but we all have confirmation biases that will have us see what we want to see and this is compounded by the tendency to rant, troll, be vocal, be aggressive, and attention seeking. The vocal minority, even here, is what gets noticed and we are not nearly as objective as we think we are. Given the nature of /. it also stands to reason that we attract the eclectic and this means we get the extremes on either end of the spectrum and they all want to be heard.

So, I end my rant. It is not that short but I have tried to keep it to a dull roar. We are not all insane but quite a few of us are. ;)

Comment: Re:Sliden'Joy? (Score 1) 69 69

Really? Sliden'Joy?

Their first action should be hire a marketing guy who will probably have them change the name lest it be automatically banned by various internet filters as a sex toy.

That would probably improve sales over the number that I expect this to sell. I will check the kickstarter when it pops but, frankly, I expect to be underwhelmed and not invest in it.

Comment: Re:Microsoft is widely misunderstood. (Score 1) 443 443

EITC - Evil In The Cloud. We used to call it "the network" or "the mainframe." We accessed it with dumb terminals. Today we are doing the same thing only claiming it is new. So instead of a BOFH we have EITC. It is new and you will like it. Also, get off my lawn. (Not really, you can chill on my lawn. It would be cooler if you came inside though. My lawn has not been as much fun since I gave someone my set of lawn jarts.)

Comment: Re:LOL (Score 1) 164 164

That is patently asinine. Also, I think you mean 8' and 20' as the ' is for feet and " is for inches. I retired and, for a while, I had an apartment while my house was being built and I kept that apartment even after that as it was a nice place to stay in town and I was a heavy drinker then. It was not a run-down apartment, just a single bedroom, and it was above average condition for the area. I paid 1/10 of that... This is, of course, Maine. I paid ~750/mo for a small house in Torrance actually but that was more like 25 years ago. Still, that is an insane amount for rent. I need to pay more attention. The rent is too damned high, indeed.

Comment: Re:Goodness (Score 1) 237 237

I'm just saying that years of teeth-gnashing and arm-flailing has had pretty much the opposite of the desired effect.

Do you have any evidence for that statement? Do you believe that quietly saying "Hey, we need to spend a ton of money and 10-15 years upgrading the internet, but take your time, there's no hurry" would actually prompt businesses to act?

This has been pitched as a dire and urgent danger for ages.

We're changing the internet infrastructure of literally the entire world. Do you really think 10-15 years warning is too much? Think about all the things that have to happen. You have to create and formalize a standard for a new protocol, which takes years. You need to design, debug, and manufacture core routing hardware, which takes years. You have to upgrade all the consumer-level end equipment, which takes many years. None of this is trivial or fast. IPv4 took five years to go from final specification to total adoption, at a time when the total number of internet hosts could be measured in thousands. Today there are almost a billion hosts.

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