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Journal Journal: 1950s TV

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Comment Re:Back to the dongle days? (Score 1) 277

The battery in the portable charger you'll need to carry with you to recharge your iPhone when the DAC and amplified in your headphones kills its battery. You could still listen while you charged if you had a 3.5mm jack, but you'll have to unplug those headphones from the lightning connector in order to plug in that battery.

Comment Re: funny and sad (Score 1) 277

That's two components, at least one of which is based on licensed block designs from ARM, who could simply stop licensing them for future use and BAM, no more A series chips can be made. Go on thinking Apple invented everything in the iPhone, really, go ahead, don't let those pesky facts get in the way. Don't get me wrong, I've got a number of apple products and I do love them, but i don't bullshit myself about what Apple actually does as a company. The AC you replied to is absolutely correct.

Comment Re:converter (Score 1) 277

Until it's "No-energy", meaning no power is required for any purpose other than driving the speakers to produce audio, and all of that power comes from the audio source, it's not fixing the problem stated in GP's post. As long as the limiting factor on my listening time is the size of the battery in my bluetooth headset, my bluetooth headset will always play second fiddle to my wired headphones. And I have a couple of really high-end bluetooth headsets that I really love but rarely use for that exact reason. They're great when wires are really a problem, like when laying down to sleep or working on a car, but they're not so great when using them means carrying twice as many battery-powered chargers, for example, on a two week hike.

Comment Re:I love the future! (Score 1) 34

If we, as a species, wish to survive the eventual death of our planet, we will to develop the ability to eventually leave it. And given the speed in which we make progress in outer space (if we don't happen to be in a childish dick-comparison contest with Ivan next door), time isn't really on our side in this.

On the other hand, I think we have perfected human's ability to drive around pointlessly in a circle. If anything, taking the human out of the game would make it far more interesting. You can make it faster and far, far more dangerous to the cars. Because, hey, if they crash and go up in a fireball, who gives a shit? Provided that you can ensure the safety of the spectators, there is exactly zero chance that anyone could get hurt if they blow up spectacularly. Finally it would be interesting to watch cars drive around aimlessly.

"Consider a spherical bear, in simple harmonic motion..." -- Professor in the UCB physics department