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Comment Re:Missing option (Score 1) 225

"If anything, that's an awfully bad precedent... literal baby-killers get lesser sentences (and often get paroled far sooner than a decade later)." Precedent of a sort has been around for some time. Certain crimes involving either money or failure to "respect mah authoriteh!" of government have long been considered more heinous than murder. In Isaac Newton's time counterfeiting was certainly considered worse than murder which would merely get you hanged. Counterfeiting would get you half-hanged, drawn and quartered. Sir Isaac, as Master of the Royal Mint in later life, was rightly feared because of this.

Comment Re:Fixed (Score 1) 1106

You are in desperate need of this economist joke: Q. How many economists does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. None. Had the light bulb needed screwing in, the Invisible Hand of the Free Market would have already done so. Conclusion -- You don't actually have a clue as to what you are talking about.

Comment Re:Merchandise ahead of (or on par with) product? (Score 1) 134

No trouble at all. We think of ourselves as the little blue dot in the big red state. Also, we are already making plans to secede from Texas should Texas actually secede from the US. See ya at SXSW [or any of the innumerable film fests we have].

Comment Re:Merchandise ahead of (or on par with) product? (Score 1) 134

Obviously you did not spend much time here in Austin. Me, I've already booked for a tour tomorrow. Also, if you were in DFW, you must have only been at the airport. Dallas and Fort Worth are totally different cities. Eh, too many foreigners coming here already. Buh-bye!

Comment Re:incoherent summary (Score 1) 101

Rather than Chrome, which has a nasty tendency to phone home, mention Chromium which one can now easily install (used to be kind of a bitch) for Windows. I find I need this because for some time now Firefox and flash have not played well together. It's sort of hit or miss. Sometimes flash works; sometimes it stutters or worse, freezes. Newish update; we'll see what that does, but it looks very incremental. And yes, I realize that Firefox has that problem with the address bar. But, basically I've never really gotten to like Chromium/Chrome. Nice to have a backup however since I really do dislike IE. I gather it works fairly well now, but I just hate how it looks. It just uses up FAR too much real estate which is idiotically dumb and should have been fixed ages ago.

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