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Comment Re:ATTN: SWITCHEURS (Score 1) 549

Its the Open-Apple key, but I will allow Apple-Key.

"Shift-Apple-3 to take a screen shot"

I'm partial to Shift-Apple-Ctrl-4 (I generally like my screenshots to go to clipboard), especially since a subsequent tap of the spacebar makes it basically behave like a time-delayed Shift-Apple-Ctrl-3. Very handy.

Comment You're mistaken (Score 1) 505

You have no idea what you're talking about. CTRL-F2 gives keyboard focus to the menubar and you can explore the menubar using the keyboard, targeting specific menu commands by typing the first several letters of the item you're interested in.

This gives one access to the entire menu system via the keyboard, not just the items a programmer decided to provide keyboard shortcuts for.

Comment Re:And, as usual, collateral damage. (Score 1) 738

So one person complaining about this and a link to a thread with another person complaining is a disaster? We don't even know how honest the person is being. You expect someone who pirates games to be honest about what they were doing? Of course not, they are going to lie to the end to try to get their box back on life or make MS look bad since they got caught.

Are there potentially some legitimate people who got hit by this? Of course. But calling it a disaster when you have no idea how many false positives there are is stupid. I could come up with some sob story as well...and the whole...I spent $5200 thing...I find highly suspect. Some people have more money than sense, but even if you were unemployed, you couldn't play that many games. Also, if I spent that much I would be freaking out at MS. This guy seems calm...even says things like he will give it a month before he starts buying again. It is very easy to make something like this up.

Comment Re:Really? (Score 1) 466

This seems like another non-issue. I'm not sure why it would even be illegal to enter into a contract that allows the content provider to do this. Is there something to this issue that I'm missing?
Perhaps there is concern that providers will begin to offer content only under these terms, thus eliminating the use of the analog port?

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