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User Journal

bedroll's Journal: the value of a dupe

Journal by bedroll
Duped stories are common on /. Everyone is aware of this. However, most people seem to be enraged by dupes, I think this is really uncalled for and they actually have value. I'll go over this point by point:
  • It is possible to miss the first posting. This is especially true if you have something of value to comment on the article, but your words woulod be buried in the original thread, but may have a chance of being seen in the dupe. Remember that not everyone collects the rss feeds like old women collected beenie babies.
  • The articles referenced are often different. They may be of the same topic, but they are normally by different people who may have different information or perspectives. Sure, you could google on a topic of interest, or you could probably find links in the original article's thread, but this is handy as well.
  • If the thread isn't going to be used for discussion of the article it can be used for off topic discussion which normally would be frowned upon. Honestly, if we're not going to make dupes productive then we shouldn't be wasting mod points on the discussions. If we're a community then we should benefit from off-topic discussion sometimes.

I'll add more if I think of them. I could have sworn I had thought of more before I started writing. The point is, there is value in an article posting, even if it's a dupe.

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the value of a dupe

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