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Comment Add me to the Seagate 3TB club . . . (Score 1) 297

My 3TB Seagate drive was spotty from the beginning, but where I live getting a warranty replacement might end up costing you more than just buying a new drive. The latter is certainly faster and more convenient. It kept going for two years and finally died last week. The fifteen year old drive in my G3 iMac, however, refuses to die.

Comment Re:Well Huawei need a better consumer brand name (Score 1) 181

Those names roll off the tongue easily enough though. Except for Hyundai, the other brands have pretty obvious pronunciations. Huawei is a strange construction for an English speaker, comprised of four vowel sounds in a three syllable word, with two of them being consecutive.

Comment Re:And they will not establish a foothold. (Score 1) 181

My ISP gave me a ZTE 3G modem. The 3G router I plugged it into would randomly report that the modem was unplugged, sometimes after a couple days; sometimes after five minutes. After trying every firmware release I could with the router I gave up, unlocked a friend's unused modem from another manufacture, and have been fine ever since.

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