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Comment Hardly devastating, but a waste of several hours (Score 5, Insightful) 117 117

Program crashing at startup? Okay, let's add debugging statements.

Can't get the debugging statements to execute? Okay, let's try removing code.

Doesn't fix the problem? Okay, let's keep removing more... and more...

A couple hours later, so much code was removed that the entire program had become nothing more than an empty main function that still crashed. This led to the following rule which I try to follow to this day: Make sure that you're actually compiling and executing the same copy of the code that you're modifying. ;)

Comment Re:Oh Great! More Central Planning! Just what we n (Score 0) 193 193

I think capitalism could solve it, it's just that by the time AGW began kicking the living shit out of the economy and causing widespread ecological damage, much of it would be irreversible.

But guys like the Koch's want it that way. They'll walk away with vast amounts of money and insulate themselves from the woes being suffered by everyone else. We are literally allowing our economic and political systems be completely co-opted to serve a tiny fraction of the population. And worse, many of us actually think that the Heartland Institute and the Wall Street Journal are some sort of purveyors of truth.

Comment Re:Oh boy, here we go... (Score 4, Insightful) 193 193

Perhaps when people come to grips with the fact the physical laws of nature don't give a flying fuck about anyone's favorite economic system or political ideology, we can move on to solving problems. But I suppose it's always easier to believe that whatever deity you worship, be it Yahweh or the Invisible Hand, will save you, and just go on as if nothing is happening.

Comment Re:Obama should do a fact check... (Score 5, Informative) 193 193

For all the fear mongering, the oceans haven't risen,

Yes, they have.

the weather is fine,

Is that a joke?

and life has been carrying on.

Well, except for the mass extinction.

If AGW supporters are correct

AKA "PhD scientists studying this for the last few decades".

then the changes being proposed won't change the outcome by enough to matter.

There is no one grand solution to AGW. There are a lot of smaller steps that added together might make a difference. Failing to do any of them certainly will not help.

Comment Re:They should make them all core subjects (Score 1) 103 103

I had high-frequency hearing loss in one ear, which meant that I couldn't distinguish similar sounding words — glass, grass and crass all sounded the same — without additional context. Being a late talker and overweight made me the poster child for mongolism. So obviously I must have been mentally retarded from birth. Every time I blew out the annual evaluation on the genius side, the teachers dismissed it as a statistical fluke. I graduated from the eighth grade with fifth grade math and writing skills, but a college-level reading comprehension. Skipped high school. I got an associate degree in general ed after four years of full-time community college.

Comment Re:I don't get it,... five a day? (Score 1) 304 304

cooking my self I can manage a (I hope) tastier alternative for less,...

Sorry, but I really don't get why this is interesting at all

You answered your question in the first word of that quote. Soylent buyers don't want to cook. Many of them don't know how to cook. Few of those are interested in learning. I spoke with a man who literally gets anxiety just walking into a grocery store and seeing all these things he has no idea what to do with.

I think it's nutritionally foolish ("science" has a moderate but incomplete conception of nutrition), and I think with my stomach, but that doesn't mean there's no use case.

Comment Re:Teaching logic seems more useful. (Score 1) 103 103

I worked the help desk at Google in 2008. A newly hired software engineer from Stanford called to complain that his computer had no power. I asked if he pressed the power button. He was shocked — SHOCKED! — that he had to turn on his own computer. And, surprisingly enough, his computer came to life after he pressed the power button.

Comment Re:The Glorious East (Score 1) 374 374

Ha, even our grocery clerks make $15/hour and will retire millionaires while those outside the True West will never retire because they can't afford to.

And they'll live well in retirement, as our new 21st Century power is about 1/10th the cost of your energy. Adapt.

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