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Comment: Re:What does this actually solve? (Score 2) 49

I can't see why I - or anyone else - would want this. So what exactly do I gain from getting one or more of these?

It's not hard to imagine use cases. Take, for instance, an 88-year-old senior who is trying to age in place but for whom a trip to the store isn't a trivial undertaking, and who has no interest in a smartphone (and sure isn't going to see a 4" HD screen).

Boom - more detergent shows up the day after tomorrow. Iterate through typical consumables - the UI is damn simple and the button is big enough for somebody with Parkinson's to manage. That's worth the effort for the responsible child to set up.

Now take a new mom who's half-covered in crap and hasn't slept all night. Only 10 diapers left. Boom - nap time.

I'm assuming there's a reasonable "boom" sound effect here. How much are ringtones?

Comment: Re:You have removed my news source for the day (Score 2) 49

by MightyMartian (#49388923) Attached to: Rare Ideopathic Encephaly Tied to Higher IQ, Not Lower

Man I love that movie (though the critics, typically, savaged it). My favorite bit is when Beldar goes after his daughter's boyfriend:

"I find you unacceptable! If I did not fear incarceration from human authority figures, I would terminate your life functions by applying sufficient pressure to your blunt skull so as to force its collapse!"

+ - Slashdot experiences total loss of Internet viewers over April Fools

Submitted by JohnnyDoesLinux
JohnnyDoesLinux (19195) writes "There were many warnings about the April Fool's day stories, but nobody believed them. A witness says, "It was if the new beta had taken over the minds of the people running the site, and they just shrugged off good advice".

See for yourself:
So now people are mourning the total loss of Slashdot as a viable website for Nerds, now it is "News for Nincompoops"."

+ - Government Says Big Pharma Kills More People Than All Illegal Drugs Combined->

Submitted by abhishekmdb
abhishekmdb (4015829) writes "A new study has shown that pharmaceutical drugs cause more overdoses and more deaths than all of the illegal drugs on the market combined. According to the government’s own statistics, listed on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, deaths relating to pharmaceutical drugs rose to roughly 23,000 last year, which accounts for over half of the total overdose deaths in the country for that time period.

Additionally, a recent study conducted by researchers with the University of Virginia, University of Arkansas, the Partnership for Drug Free Kids, and the American Institutes for Research reconfirmed the known dangers of pharmaceutical drug abuse.

The study concluded that, “Teens need help before they reach these tipping points for prescription drug abuse. Adults spotting teens with very high levels of anxiety and at least moderate use of other restricted substances should realize that these are students with a high likelihood of prescription abuse. Male teens with a high need to be popular and teens in general appear to be at exceptional risk. Campaigns must target parents as well, since they clearly underestimate both the physical risks of prescription drugs and the likelihood that their children will abuse these drugs.”
Sadly, the authors of the study described any average teenager, however, it does give us some insight into the root causes of teenage drug abuse."

Link to Original Source

Parents Sue School After Pod Daughter Is Banned From Prom 27

Posted by samzenpus
from the pods-are-people-too dept.
With the prom season only a few months away kids and parents alike are starting to make plans for the big day. However, one girl's alien replacement might not get a chance to experience that special day if a school district has its way. Even though Darcy Swope's pod duplicate is virtually identical to her, the Santa Mira school district has decided she is not welcome to prom. School officials acknowledge the duplicate attended school and did Darcy's homework for an unknown period of time but say she isn't really a student and therefore doesn't belong at the dance. Darcy's parents disagree with the decision and have filed suit against the school, Her dad says, "We miss Darcy every day, but the thing that consumed her and is now pretending to be my daughter is almost the same and deserves to be treated the same." "She may not have that sparkle in her eye or the vocabulary as our flesh and blood daughter, but she has never missed curfew and has a thirst to learn. It would be a shame if Darcy II didn't get a chance to experience this important part of being human, even if she isn't one," adds her mother.

Comment: Re:Interesting (Score 2) 52

by MightyMartian (#49388057) Attached to: Madman: Proximity To Black Hole "Not a Big Deal"

I rewatched the film a few years ago, and the scene where Maximilian and Reinhardt are merged together in Hell was incredibly dark. Coupled with TRON, there was a period when Disney Studios actually recaptured some of the daring of the early years.

The worst part of Black Hole were the Disney-esque touches, like the Slim Pickens' voiced robot. If you sort of ignore the silly asides, the film is an astonishingly haunting film. Maximilian Schell's Reinhardt is one dark, nasty guy. Think about it, he basically turns the entire crew of his ship into enslaved brain-dead androids. That's Darth Vader-level evil.

Comment: Re:DFSG vs. OSI (Score 1) 197

My point is to refute your claimed "difference between open source and free" by providing often-cited definitions of "free software" and "open source software" that lack substantial difference. To which definitions of "free software" and "open source software" were you referring?

Comment: Re:Platform dictates language sometimes (Score 1) 197

Xbox? seriously, we need to use .NET everywhere because a Microsoft game console needs it?

Not everywhere, just everywhere in games. In the seventh console generation, Xbox Live Indie Games was the only way for indie developers to get a controller-oriented game in front of the public. The other consoles had no indie program to speak of, and PCs were usually on desks with monitors not big enough for two to four players to fit around.

Comment: Re:Delete stuff. (Score 1) 271

by Em Adespoton (#49387407) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With User Resignation From an IT Perspective?

claiming something doesn't make it false -- in this case it would be true.

However, the gear isn't theirs -- as I originally pointed out, it's the company's, which is why it is being respected as the company's gear, and is being reimaged to be in compliance with company policy.

However, this doesn't work as well with BYOD, which is increasingly common. In those cases, you need other ways of fencing off company data from personal data.

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