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Finnish Politician Suggests Embedding Chips In Citizens To Protect the Welfare State 312

New submitter janit writes that social benefits to Finnish citizens living outside of Finland have in recent days been the cause of controversy, and links to an article which suggests just how much of a controversy: A politician from the True Finns Party, Pasi Mäenranta, is also worried about the abuse of the benefits. He published a post on Facebook, where he suggests that all Finnish citizens leaving the country be embedded with an identification chip. Sounds like a parallel system might be a popular idea with some U.S. presidential candidates, too.

Comment Re:Wow Finland! (Score 1) 330

In Finland?

You know that's the price for a corporate medallion too, right? That's what outs him. It's a particular segment of a completely unrelated market. You think that applies? Check out his other posts on uber, he drops that shit in everywhere. His info is not out of date, he is just lying. That $1 million number is a favorite talking point of the pro-uber zealots, because it's big and lacks context.

Comment Re:Statists will not go quietly into the night (Score 1) 330

Bullshit yourself. Uber is only working within the regulation in places that they have decided it wasn't worth fighting anymore (often because they won enough concessions).


It's nice to see you have moved on from your Apple shilling days to Uber shilling.

Comment Re:I'm okay with this to an extent (Score 1) 155

Any app with the mic permission can listen -- it does not need to be signed by the OEM/system/rom. What they can't do is leverage a lower power dedicated processor such at that on the Moto X. But any app can turn on the mic with the correct permission granted.



FBI: Retweeting a Terrorist's Tweet Could Land You In Trouble 112

An anonymous reader writes: Twitter has become a valuable tool for U.S. law enforcement agencies in their fight against terrorism. It's been used as evidence in trials, it's provided useful intelligence, and it has helped them figure out who is involved with these groups. But ACLU lawyer Lee Rowland is trying to make sure they don't take it too far. In April, a 30-year-old man was charged with providing "material support" to the Islamic State. The FBI's probably cause? He retweeted some of the group's tweets. FBI director James Comey says a person's intent is the heart of the issue: "Knowing it was wrong, you provided material support for a terrorist organization or some other offense. That is the bulwark against prosecuting someone for having an idea or having an interest. You have to manifest a criminal intent to further the aims prohibited by the statute." Rowland points out the obvious First Amendment concerns. He adds, "... there's also the question of intent there: repeating speech is not automatically an endorsement. ... So a RT alone is certainly not an endorsement and in many situations may be a criticism of the original speaker, and that's particularly true with terrorism, because I believe many people may believe terrorism is self-evidently immoral."

Gmail Messages Can Now Self-Destruct 204

New submitter Amarjeet Singh writes: Dmail is a Chrome extension developed by the people behind Delicious, the social bookmarking app/extension. This extension allows you to set a self-destruct timer on your emails. You can use Dmail to send emails from Gmail as usual, but you will now have a button which can set an self destruct timer of an hour, a day or a week. Dmail claims it will also unlock a feature that won't allow forwarding, meaning only the person you sent your message to will be able to see it.

Comment Re:Oh look (Score 1) 213

Listen, sonny, you lived through that world. Slashdot once did well for itself. And given your uid, you should remember that.

"Buzzfeedification" of content is killing the net. Notice all those outbrain, taboola, and other shit all over news sites? This article is the same thing. Corporations astroturfing "advertorial" clickbait is bad for everyone -- especially on a site the is supposedly still "driven by user submissions".

So fuck any fatalistic or indignant defense of this turd masquerading as news.

Maybe it's fantasy to imagine it'll ever change, but don't be a tool.


Microsoft Uses US Women's Soccer Team To Explain Why It Doesn't Hire More Women 212

theodp writes: "It is not surprising that the U.S. women have been dominant in the sport [of soccer] in recent years. The explanation for that success lies in the talent pipeline," writes General Manager of Citizenship & Public Affairs Lori Forte Harnick on The Official Microsoft Blog. "Said another way, many girls in the U.S. have the opportunity to learn how to play soccer and, as a result, they benefit from the teamwork, skill development and fun involved. That's the kind of opportunity I would like to see develop for the technology sector, which presents a different, yet perhaps even more significant, set of opportunities for girls and young women. Unfortunately, the strength in the talent pipeline that we see in female soccer today is not the reality for technology. The U.S. is facing a shortage of Computer Science (CS) graduates. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every year there are close to 140,000 jobs requiring a CS degree, but only 40,000 U.S. college graduates major in CS, which means that 100,000 positions go unfilled by domestic talent." Going with the soccer analogy, one thing FIFA realized that Microsoft didn't is that if you want girls to play your sport, you don't take away their ball!

Submission + - Paralyzed Man Hits the Streets of NYC in a New Exoskeleton ->

the_newsbeagle writes: Robert Woo was paralyzed in 2007 when a construction crane dropped a load of steel on him. Yesterday, he put on the newest "exoskeleton," essentially a pair of smart robotic legs, and strolled out into a busy Manhattan sidewalk. He was demoing the ReWalk 6.0, a $77,000 device that he plans to buy for home use.
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