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Comment: Re:Not that it matters ... (Score 1) 505

by bdbolton (#27474661) Attached to: Antarctic Ice Bridge Finally Breaks Off

If an ice cube floating in a glass of water melts, the water will still be at the same level afterwards.

If a floating iceberg melts, it will add water to the oceans, causing the average water level to be the same.

However, there is still more water in motion, so the effect of the tide will probably be larger.

(Also, I was under the impression that the Antarctic ice wasn't floating? Or maybe this section was?)

I read recently (i think it was on the naked scientist) that these large masses of ice have a small gravitational field. They pull water close to them. When the ice bergs break up, they lose mass and gravity. The article was suggesting that water levels will rise because the water that was pulled by the icebergs will now be in the ocean.

Comment: This isn't necessary (Score 3, Insightful) 403

by bdbolton (#26875959) Attached to: Spiraling Skyscraper Farms For a Future Manhattan

"By 2050 nearly 80% of the worldâ(TM)s population will reside in urban centers, and 109 hectares of arable land will be needed to feed them."

Assuming this quote is accurate, then that means we'll have plenty of land to grow crops on (because not as many people live in rural areas).

Comment: Re:June... (Score 4, Insightful) 429

by bdbolton (#26459111) Attached to: Steve Jobs Takes Leave of Absence From Apple
On a different note, this is a sad day for those owning AAPL shares - expect them to plunge even further than they have over the past year.

Ohh and I don't know it might also be a sad day for his family. Let's get some perspective here. He has serious health issues and people seem to care more about the stock prices.

Comment: Re:"Least popular"? What about Windows ME? (Score 1) 672

by bdbolton (#26388667) Attached to: Ballmer Sets Loose Windows 7 Public Beta At CES
The author was just exaggerating. Maybe it wasn't as popular as XP but I consider it more popular that ME and 98. What's really funny is their least popular OS still has more consumer market share than linux and os x. (that last statement was a troll, I know, but lets get some perspective here.)

+ - Google Begins to Shun Firefox->

Submitted by
Anonymous writes "Last month Google dropped Sun's StarOffice from their recommended free Windows software offering, the Google Pack. Though never stated, the clear implication was that now that Docs and Spreadsheets has matured, the Pack is no place for competitors. Firefox seems destined to be next in line for the bump. With Chrome out of beta, Google has decided to remove Firefox as a default download, and instead recommend Chrome. It certainly makes a lot of sense for Google, but it's bad news for Mozilla if their relationship with the search engine is weakening."
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Comment: People will not abandon XP for mac/linux (Score 2, Insightful) 907

by bdbolton (#26115041) Attached to: Vista To XP Upgrade Triples In Price, Now $150

"'Forcing customers to go someplace they don't want to go by raising prices is a Christmas present for Apple and those that are positioning Linux on the desktop.'""

I've heard this argument before but it just doesn't make sense. Here's why:

I am a computer user that uses windows. I can buy a machine with windows, a good one, for $500 or less. But its got, vista, I don't like vista. So what do most slashdotters think will happen next?

1) abandon windows and buy a mac that costs twice as much as a windows pc
2) abandon windows and buy a cheaper pc running linux
3) user buys vista machine for $500

I would say a normal rational shopper would go with number 3.

Here's why 1 wouldn't be an option.
It is irrational to pay twice as much for a computer that does basically the same thing and has a much different interface.

Here's why 2 wouldn't be an option.
The shopper is less likely to find a computer running linux for sale in a store or online, if they weren't specifically shopping for a linux pc. In addition, if they knew anything about linux they would realize it can't run word, internet explorer, itunes or most of the other programs they want without a high level of expertise.

Here's why 3 would be the choice:
Its available. Vista is easier to transition to if you are already familiar with windows xp. The price is cheaper than mac. You can run most of your programs you want on it.


+ - Apple Censors iMac Complaints->

Submitted by arakis
arakis (315989) writes "Tomshardware is running a story [] about Apple censoring an ongoing complaints thread about the new iMacs having faded screens. The complaints appear to have attracted attention: "From August 7 to November 18, a 95 day period, the thread chalked up an impressive 15,000+ hits, an average of about 158 hits per day. However, in the time since then, November 19 to December 10, a period of only 21 days, the thread gained an additional 9000 hits, an average of about 429 hits per day." Apple is responding to the issue by replacing posts with error messages and not acknowledging the issue."
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