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Comment Can someone give me a car analog? (Score 2) 161

Sure. It is like using web based certificates in PKI but in this case there is no revocation system and mandatory 3 month validity for all certs. I have to give this key to a third-party in order to be able to do anything user related like view my emails. That third-party or someone who gains access maliciously to the cert database can use this cert to make a connection to my computer that I can't turn off, to make my cpu spike or use up all the ink in my printer, until the 3 months is over.

...wait a minute, I think I did this wrong

Comment kali? (Score 2) 59

kali /käl/ The most terrifying goddess, wife of Shiva. She is typically depicted as naked, old, and hideous. She is sometimes associated with empowerment. To be fair this is a great name, after all to most IA/security folks I have to deal with... backtrack truly is terrifying to them

Comment definition please? (Score 1) 329

I hate to be pedantic but... I'm not sure what is being asked. At work I use a voip phone that may or may not convert to circuit switched (POTS) depending on whom I call. I use a cell phone at home that may or may not convert to POTS, again, depending on whom I call. I don't think "landline" means what you think it means... anymore.

Comment cheaper? from a company? sure... (Score 1) 330

I read the article and it sounds to me like they are "dumping the full retail license" for the PULSB license and keeping the OEM one. It states that the PULSB "will definitely be cheaper than purchasing a full retail license and probably on a par with OEM pricing." So am I really to believe that a company, Microsoft, is really going to be lowering the overall gross profits? Where's the catch?

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