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Comment: Smile, You're on Amish Camera! (Score 1) 440

by bcolflesh (#28427227) Attached to: Crowdsourcing Big Brother In Lancaster, PA

I work in Lancaster (off New Holland Ave) - I believe one of the cameras is mounted on my building - the lot it overlooks has random car window smash & grabs every couple months, due to the close proximity of a high school. There has been no discussion about the monitoring system at all as far as I can tell.

Comment: Jay Pipes Moved Over to Drizzle Too... (Score 2, Interesting) 229

by bcolflesh (#25308043) Attached to: David Axmark Resigns From Sun,-and-Thanks-for-all-the-Fish.html

Interesting comment at the bottom (#11):

"Glad to hear you'll be working full-time on Drizzle. Even if you didn't escape Sun.

I can't imagine who would want to be a community manager under the current situation, though. Good luck to Giuseppe."

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