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Comment Re: No, they just need reliable Linux distros. (Score 2) 187

Me. I'm a sysadmin of several years and systemd is not something my colleagues and I are looking forward to. It changes things on many levels and will require rewriting of many tools to upgrade our infrastructure and production Systems not to mention the test and staging environments. The (non technical) developers that don't see beyond the few learned CLI commands for years will also have to change. All because of systemd. My own desktop experience says we are in for a lot of trouble ala how windows admins are used to when M$ change some thing just because they can. No one benefits from the change to systemd.

Comment Re:Dolphin is the closest Firefox (Score 1) 128

I second that. Have used it since I was on Hero with Android 1.5 (no HD version) and now on my Desire. It works, is fast, has the needed customizations that are usefull for a browser on a mobile device, easy bookmarks and does flash ok to a degree - still have some issues, that seems to have stopped after the Adobe 10.1 flash update... Kudos to the Dolphin Browser developers for a great job !

Comment Re:Tried it and uninstalled it less than 5 min aft (Score 1) 128

Just saw a bug in my post above:
Click an Ajax link that updates a

and the browser returns to the top of the page - not optimal, but it didn't reset the zoom...

Should be:
Click an Ajax link that updates a <div> tag and the browser returns to the top of the page - not optimal, but it didn't reset the zoom...

Comment Tried it and uninstalled it less than 5 min after (Score 2, Informative) 128

I just tried to install it. Needed to clear some space from other applications, as FF4 beta for Andriod takes up 40+Mb - that is a huge amount for a mobile app, compared with eg Dolphin Browser HD at approx. 3½Mb.

Boot time (initial start of FF when not returning to it, but used a task killer) is as slow as booting my Ubuntu 10.04 desktop 64bit system with 8Gb RAM - not good.

Firefox does render a page nicely, without much difference from the desktop version, but renders it in fullscreen (entire page on screen).
No setting for "mobile view".
No easy setting for default zoom level. When following a link, the next page is rendered at the same fullscreen zoom, so new zoom is needed.
Click an Ajax link that updates a

and the browser returns to the top of the page - not optimal, but it didn't reset the zoom...

There aren't any customizations that are easily available, not enven enough to compare with a small fast browser like DB mentioned above or SkyFire. The general look/feel of FF for Android is a very basic app that should still be in alpha as the customization menu is very odd and not polished compared with other smaller and similar programs.
Mozilla, please don't make Android apps that divert from the way Android apps are supposed to do, use the menues, and respect the backbutton when pressed... aka kill your current download/render of a page if the backbutton is pressed, don't continue working on something that the user want's to stop.

My device is HTC Desire with latest HTC Android 2.2, so it is not an old G1 I'm using, though FF4 beta for Android feels like it is running on a G1.


Correlation Found Between Brain Structure and Video Game Success 110

kghapa writes "Still want to argue that video games shrink your brain? While video games have been previously shown to stimulate brain activity and improve coordination skills, a recently published study has directly linked structures in the human brain with video game aptitude. And yes, apparently size does matter in this case. Quoting: '... each subject received 20 hours of training to play a video game specifically created for research purposes, called Space Fortress. It's basically an Asteroids-type arcade game, in which the object is to knock down and destroy an enemy fortress while dodging space mines. However, the game has lots of extra twists that require close attention. Some of the players were told to focus exclusively on running up a high score, while others were told to shift their priorities between several goals. The result? The subjects who had more volume in an area called the nucleus accumbens did significantly better in the early stages of training. Meanwhile, those who were well-endowed in different areas of the striatum, known as the caudate nucleus and putamen, handled the shifting strategies better.'"

Minnesota Introduces World's First Carbon Tariff 303

hollywoodb writes "The first carbon tax to reduce the greenhouse gases from imports comes not between two nations, but between two states. Minnesota has passed a measure to stop carbon at its border with North Dakota. To encourage the switch to clean, renewable energy, Minnesota plans to add a carbon fee of between $4 and $34 per ton of carbon dioxide emissions to the cost of coal-fired electricity, to begin in 2012 ... Minnesota has been generally pushing for cleaner power within its borders, but the utility companies that operate in MN have, over the past decades, sited a lot of coal power plants on the relatively cheap and open land of North Dakota, which is preparing a legal battle against Minnesota over the tariff."

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